Friday, February 21, 2014

New Madrid in News Again

We have blogged numerous times on the New Madrid fault that runs 150 miles from Illinois into Tennessee. It's the largest fault in the USA and when it breaks again it will be catastrophic.

As of late it has been rumbling quite a bit...which is why maybe it's in the news.

 "If they're aftershocks they should be decaying in time, gradually fewer and fewer aftershocks should be occurring, but that's not happening with these aftershocks. They don't appear to be slowing down," said Page.

It's that "Not Dead Yet" headline, along with odds of a major quake, that has caused quite a stir at the Kentucky Geological Survey.

"We can't say there will be an earthquake tomorrow. What we can do is give percentages. We estimate it's about 7 to 10 percent over the next 50 years," said Page.

Wang has studied the New Madrid system for more than 20 years. He doesn't think the just-released report breaks any new ground.

"You talk about 5 to 10 percent over the next 50 years that's out there. But based on our study, this number is not reliable. We just don't have enough data," said Wang.

An impact assessment prepared for FEMA said an earthquake registering magnitude 7.7 in the New Madrid Zone could result in the highest economic loss of any natural disaster in the U.S. 


Wow!  Highest economic loss of ANY natural disaster in the U.S.

That's really saying something!

I can't help but wonder if God is saving this one for a time when USA DEMANDS that Israel divide it's land to give to the Arabs.

"You want to divide my land...well here is division of your own land!"


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