Thursday, July 30, 2015

China and Russia to Hold Joint Naval, Air Drills

You will have to decide for yourselves whether you think this is news is prophetic or just interesting.

Of course many prophecy watchers believe that China will play a part in the Last Days and may be mentioned as one of the Kings of the East which marches its soldiers across the dried up Euphrates.

Also many watchers believe that Russia is the Magog mentioned in Ezekiel 38 that ultimately leads a Muslim coalition out to destroy Israel.

BEIJING: China and Russia will hold joint military drills in the waters and airspace of the Sea of Japan, Beijing said Thursday, the latest defence cooperation between the countries. 

The exercises will take place August 20 to 28 in the Peter the Great Gulf and other areas off the Russian coast, defence ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told reporters. 

A key purpose of the drills was to "further enhance their capabilities of jointly coping with maritime security threats", Yang said, adding they will include training in air defence, anti-submarine and surface warfare, and landings. 

China will send seven naval ships including a destroyer and a frigate, along with fighter jets and other aircraft, Yang said. 

Russia's contingent will include surface vessels, submarines and fixed wing aircraft, he said, adding that both sides will dispatch ship-borne helicopters and marines. 

The drills come as Beijing and Moscow intensify cooperation in military, political and economic spheres. 


Hmmmm....China and Moscow are intensifying cooperation in military, political and economic spheres.....and they would both love to knock America off its high horse and have a shot and calling the shots....

Should this concern us?...or just interest us?

"Fear not!  All these things must happen." --Jesus

Ok, so let's just keep watching the headlines while reading our Bibles and having confidence that Jesus is in control of everything.  We have NOTHING to fear.


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