Friday, August 28, 2015

Team Obama Arrests Sodomites and Gays Are Scathing!

It appears some gays have been running a sodomy shop where you can show up and buy all sorts of perverse sex acts..  Homeland Security showed up recently and led away a bunch of people involved in handcuffs!

The sodomites ARE NOT PLEASED with Team Obama!  But on to the end of the article to see if Team Obama has another reason for disrupting the business of gay men selling gay sex.

Who could have seen this coming? President Obama sent out the enforcers from the Department of Homeland Security to crack down on adult, consensual sodomy. 

Perhaps hard to believe, but true. Federal authorities on Tuesday busted into the offices of the number one homosexual-escort website in the world and arrested seven current and former executives on prostitution charges. 

This is truly remarkable. We’ve always been told that what two adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is nobody else’s business, and consensual sex, as long as it’s between two adults, is nobody else’s business, especially the government. 

Well, prostitution is consensual, and in most cases between consenting adults. That didn’t stop our gay-friendly president from slapping people in handcuffs and carting off boxes of incriminating documents. 

The website, which has been around for decades, allows male homosexuals to advertise themselves to those interested in purchasing their services. Everybody in the homosexual community knows about it and it has been doing an apparently brisk business. 

Until Tuesday. 

Sodomy-promoting activists are not happy with the president, the most influential promoter of sodomy-based marriage in the world. For outraged gay activists, this enforcement action sounds like the police raids of gay bars in the ‘60s. 

One transgender activist, Justin Vivian Bond, was scathing. “This invasion of a consensual hookup site which is run for and by members of the L.G.B.T. community feels like a real slap in the face.” Even worse, he said, the raid sounds Republican - gasp! -, a bitter reminder of what he believes to be the draconian reigns of Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. 

Obama’s enforcers made it very clear that they were cracking down on this outfit because it was all about gay sex, even though its owners claimed otherwise. The ads on its website feature descriptions of sexual attributes, pay rates, and preferred modes of sexually deviant behavior. (One of the site’s executives says lamely, “We say that escorts are selling their time only.” Right.) 

Homosexual activists are infuriated that Obama isn’t also cracking down on heterosexual websites which promote sex for money. In their judgment, Obama is discriminating against them on the basis of their sexual orientation, which is supposed to be verboten. 

They say what we ought to be talking about is decriminalizing prostitution altogether, regardless of the orientation of the participants. Says gay activist Alex Garner, “[W]hat we really should be having is a reasonable and thoughtful conversation about the decriminalization of sex work.” 

Then he asks a very pertinent question: “Who’s choosing to prioritize (this crackdown on gay sex work)?” Well, that’s a good question and there is a good answer: Obama and his minions have made this a priority. 

So the question naturally is why. Why would Obama suddenly bring the hammer down on homosexual prostitution? 

Maybe, in the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, he wants to get all the client information from this website in federal custody to protect the identities of his political and social friends who may be customers. 

Or Obama believes, with homosexuality being the flavor of the year in the world of sexual abnormality, this is the moment to haul homosexual prostitutes into court and get some federal judge somewhere to rule that prostitution cannot be made illegal under the United States Constitution. 

With no prayer of getting a bill legalizing prostitution through Congress, his best hope is the court system. 

And his best chance to get the favorable ruling he wants, given the current cultural zeitgeist, is if the defendants in courts are homosexual prostitutes rather than heterosexual ones. What politically correct judge today would dare to rule against the sin of sodomy anywhere at anytime? 

In other words, Obama could be pursuing this action not because he wants to punish homosexual prostitutes but because he wants the Supreme Court to exonerate them. 

Obama knows that this action will be challenged in court, and that when the appeal makes it to the Supreme Court, he can count on the Court’s five homosexual activists to rule that laws against money for sex are antiquated, outmoded, and so 18th century. 

And poof, the last vestige of moral standards with regard to adult sexuality will be gone. 

Why now? Obama is sensing urgency because he is running out of time. His destruction of this nation is not yet complete, and destroying the last cultural barrier to total and utter sexual anarchy must be done while he still wields the sledgehammer of a morally compromised judiciary.


Holy twist!!  The plot thickens!!  Obama may want to protect his gay friends from being outed and embarrassed so had Homeland Security grab all the files??  Could it be????....OR....he wants gay prostitution legalized so is going to hand this over to the court system so the court can rule that men and women selling sex services SHOULD BE TOTALLY we need to THROW AWAY THE PROSTITUTION LAWS!!

Think about this crazy system:
1)  Man finds woman attractive, invites her to dinner, pays $100 for dinner and drinks, takes her home and she has sex with him as a reward for buying her dinner and drinks!  This is TOTALLY LEGAL and done millions of times per week all over America and no one bats an eye.

2)  Man find woman attractive, asks if they can just skip the $100 dinner and instead he will pay her the entire $100 to come back to his house and have sex.  TOTALLY ILLEGAL!!  Woman is now called a prostitute and man is called a "john" and both could be arrested and put in jail!!

What?????  Who our there can make sense of why scenario 1 is legal and scenario 2 is illegal?

Well, you can bet your boots that prostitution, of all flavors, will soon be legal in states across the nation.  The laws will be torn down by the courts using the RIGHT TO WORK LAWS that are enacted in all 50 states.

So soon, when your boy turns 18 here in Minnesota, he may be tempted and go buy his first cigar, his first legal marijuana joint, go to his first casino and then go buy his first "date" or woman.

"Good will be called evil and evil will be called good."

Hat tip to Julie E.


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