Monday, September 28, 2015

What's Up With All This Pope Worship?

Have you ever seen the liberal, godless media more excited about a religious figure than they are with this Pope coming to America?

Can you imagine them rolling out the red carpet and doing 24 hour per day media coverage for Billy Graham or Dr. David Jeremiah?

Did you notice that the Pope shared the shame stage with all sorts of religious leaders from Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism....just to name a few.  I think I may have even seen a witch doctor on stage! Oh yeah, and the Pope called the Muslim Imam his "brother".

So what's up?  Why do they fawn and faint over this dude in a funny hat that sits over a den of perversion and rampant child sexual abuse?

Well, it's all prophetic.....

This move and push towards a ONE WORLD RELIGION has to happen as the Final Days of the Age of Grace continue to advance.

It is impossible to accept the Book of Revelation as an authentic part of the New Testament and not identify the Catholic Church, headquartered in Rome, as the “Mother of Harlots.”

This religious system has every characteristic of this “harlot woman” and has been so identified by almost every Bible believing scholar and spiritual leader for hundreds of years. Many priests that arose within her ranks called her the Harlot. Every reformation leader I have studied, from Martin Luther on, called her the “Whore of Rome.” 

This system has twisted every truth in the Bible to fit the dictates of her popes, each of whom she has declared to be the one and only Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth. This system has martyred and killed tens of thousands of the most sainted men and women that have walked this earth. Any religious leader that bows at the feet of this “harlot system” is either ignorant of truth, willingly deceived, or totally blind to the spiritual discernment of the Holy Spirit.

God has allowed popes to be appointed to act prophetically and to fulfill more prophetic truth than other popes in previous history. They certainly have seen every act of their reign as pope in a positive light because they were heart and soul traditional, believing Catholics. During Pope John Paul II’s tenure, the “Harlot of Rome” became the “Mother of Harlots.” 

His charisma that the secular media heralded, was the evil tool by which he flattered the religious world and brought them to his feet. He played the media and the religious world with the skill of a totally consuming and charming deceiver. While I am writing this article, a great part of this world is under the charm of the current pope, Pope Francis, and is moving to the door of the great Tribulation hour.

Let me lay out before you the list of prophetic milestones of these recent popes. The incredible acclaim that has been assigned to them would not make sense unless it was prophetic of what is happening. These popes have embraced all religions, and fit the developing “One World Religion” perfectly.

On the Road to Rome

Look at this list of their accomplishments “on the Road to Rome:”

• Brought Israel within the circle of his embrace.

• Opened the door for Muslims to be called a “religion of faith and peace.”

• Clearly embraced all pagan religions of the world and made them acceptable to the Western mindset.

• Elevated the religious world, “when united”, to be seen as the only instrument of peace. These pope has made “world peace” the gospel of the twenty-first century.

• They have succeeded in preparing almost every political entity on the planet to pay homage to them.

• Rome is suddenly the center of the universe, and will be for days to come and for the soon coming seven years of hell on earth.

• The mainline churches have totally succumbed to the Roman system of religion.

• The Evangelicals are on the verge of complete collapse into the arms of the Catholic embrace of death.

• The Charismatics have long ago become a tool of Rome. No group has done more to bridge the chasm of truth and error.

• The Popes have made Mary worship acceptable within the whole church except Bible believing fundamentalists.

• Images, statues, icons, liturgical fanfare in worship, and many other Catholic designs were only acceptable in extremely liberally churches before these popes. Today, Roman styles and designs have flooded the church world.

• The Catholic Church has, from her beginning, embraced other religious doctrines and ideas, and incorporated them as a means to reach into the world cultures. Bible believers have always rejected such compromise until the last two or three decades.

The last three popes have brought Israel within the circle of their embrace. Nothing is more prophetic than the Catholic Church and the nation of Israel walking together. The popes have had to apologize for the slaughter of what they termed “the Jesus killers” during the Crusades. A multitude of Jews have suffered or died at the hand of this church. Replacement theology was developed within this religious system. The Amillennialism of Catholic theology allows no future hope for the Jewish nation to fulfill its role in prophecy.

But there is a large and growing connection between the nation of Israel and the coming “One World Religion.” Israel must become a partner to the One World Religion for at least three and one-half years until the antiChrist’s statue is erected in the third Jewish temple. Then, Israel will know that the Catholic system and her harlot children have deceived her and brought her to great shame. This will be manifest when the Harlot church erects an image of the antiChrist in her temple. The Jews will have to flee Jerusalem while the antiChrist and the False Prophet that leads the one world church take control of the city. This is one of the pope’s greatest milestones of deception but his theology would provide him no clue of understanding.

Recent popes have opened the door for Muslims to be called a religion of faith and peace: As we look by hindsight to the Pope John Paul’s embrace of Arafat on different occasions, and his visit with Arafat in Bethlehem, we see that the pope set the emotions of the world for an embrace of this dark religion. It was like everything the pope did sent a signal to the religious world, and everybody was ready to accept his role model. The secular media is proclaiming this milestone as part of his legacy. The Muslim religion is totally anathema to the Bible. There is no kinship between Jehovah God and Allah and yet the church world is ready to accept this hate-filled system. 


How sad to watch this all play out!!

How exciting to know the Bible foretold it all!!


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