Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Prepare for Massive Riots in Chicago

A video just came out of Chicago that is guaranteed to get the #BlackLivesMatter crowd to put on their riot clothes and start rioting.

The video clearly shows a black man carrying a knife as he walks down the street.  Next, a white cop steps up and shoots him dead...using about 16 bullets to continue firing into his dead body.

I can't see any reason for the officer to shoot like that when the kid was dozens of feet away from anybody and didn't seem to be causing too much of a threat with a 4 inch pocket knife.

The police officer is now arrested and being held for murder charges and Jessie Jackson and the other black rabble-rowsers are already gathering to incite the crowd and get them whipped up into a looting and burning frenzy!!

The city of Chicago has released a video that shows a white police officer shooting a 17-year-old African-American young man named Laquan McDonald 16 times.  Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez says that this video is “graphic”, “violent” and “chilling”, and it is expected to provoke a very strong emotional reaction from Chicago’s very large African-American community.  Over the past few years, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray have all become household names because of the way that they died, and now it looks like Laquan McDonald’s name will be added to that list.  But the situation in Chicago is potentially even more volatile what we witnessed in either Ferguson or Baltimore.  More than a million African-Americans live in the Chicago metropolitan area, and the crime rate in the city has already been skyrocketing.  In fact, it is being projected that Chicago’s murder rate will increase by 20 percent in 2015.  This is a city that is always living on the edge of chaos, and now the video of Laquan McDonald’s death could be the spark that sets Chicago ablaze.

After everything that has happened over the past few years, the last thing that we need is another incident that will make racial tensions in this country even worse.  Unfortunately, that appears to be exactly what we are going to get.  Cook County Judge Franklin Valderrama ordered the city of Chicago to release the video of the death of Laquan McDonald to the public, and now the entire country is going to get to see what really happened.  Could this be the footage that causes the anger and frustration of the African-American community to completely boil over?  The following comes from CNN…

Laquan McDonald was walking down a Chicago street the night of October 20, 2014, carrying a four-inch knife and behaving erratically, authorities say.

A police officer told him to drop the knife. He didn’t listen, and the officer fired on him out of fear for his life, according to a police union spokesman.

McDonald, 17, died. He was shot 16 times.

Now, more than a year later, the public will be able to see what happened.

For African-American activists that have already had their patience stretched to the maximum by similar cases over the past few years, this horrifying video could prove to be the final straw.  Already, there are tremendous expressions of outrage and frustration pouring in on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

And needless to say, this is the kind of thing that could easily cause the city of Chicago to erupt in unprecedented violence.

In fact, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass is already fearing the worst…

John Kass, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, said the video “could tear Chicago apart.”

Dean Angelo, the president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, told CNN affiliate WBBM he is concerned protesters from outside the city may converge to “disrupt and cause problems.”

“This is my city. We all live here,” Angelo said. “I’m concerned about the safety of my officers. I’m concerned about the safety of the civilian population. … I think local people don’t want to see their neighborhoods damaged.”


Yes friends, America WILL be torn apart.  We don't know how and we don't know when but we do know that a "Kingdom divided against itself will not stand."

The black folks of America have been playing the VICTIM CARD for so long that many of them have no idea what other card to play.  Many of them don't even realize that they have another card to play!!

The black community in America is a disaster and a harbinger for the non-blacks as to what happens when families disintegrate and fathers want nothing to do with the children they fathered.  For the past few years 70% of all black baby births went to unwed mothers and that should be a shameful statistic....but when our welfare system rewards unwed mothers by increasing their welfare checks for undesirable behavior...we can be certain we are on the WRONG PATH to eliminating poverty.

We recently had a black man from Ethiopia stay at our house and he told me that the U.S. blacks are not very welcoming of the African blacks who have recently moved here.  According to him the U.S. blacks don't like the Africans because they work hard and try to raise themselves up using the American dream.....and the U.S. blacks don't appreciate being made to look bad.

And let's not even get started about how many black babies are aborted every single year.

"But Dennis, just think of all the single black males that WOULD be running around committing crimes had their moms hadn't killed them before they were born!"

Hmmmm.....interesting comment....but if #BlackLivesMatter were really true...why aren't the blacks protesting the MILLIONS of black murders being carried out by black mothers?

Also, it's very unethical to kill people BEFORE they actually commit a crime....just sayin'


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