Thursday, December 10, 2015

ISIS Film Shows Kids Killing

It's funny how the liberals have mocked any Americans who have dared to ask WHO we should let into this country and HOW should we adequately vet them?  They say, "These refugees from Syria and Iraq are just widows and orphans! How dangerous can they be?"

Of course last week a Muslim lady from Pakistan who very possibly was a "widow" before she came...just showed how dangerous a follower of Muhammad can be.  She killed 14 people in cold blood.

"Yes, but Dennis, certainly the kids coming from Syria or other Muslim countries would NEVER pose a problem!  How can we say no to letting little kids come to America?  They are little kids!, forgodsake!"

Watch this recently released ISIS VIDEO and ask yourself if you would want this little Muhammad coming to America?

If after watching the video you still say YES....then how would you recommend DE-RADICALIZING them?


Wake up liberals!  Islam has a problem!  The problem is that they follow a book of lies called the Koran and they are summoning Satan on a daily basis when they all bow to the pedophile Muhammad and invoke his presence on a daily basis at thousands of mosques around the world!

"But Dennis, you sound so intolerant!  Even President Bush told us that Islam is a religion of peace...and now Obama keeps reminding us on a daily basis that it is!"

Are there peaceful Muslims?....YES!!!

Are there MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of radical Muslims too?.....YES!!!

Hey...when you get done watching the ISIS KIDS video, spend another few hours watching all the other videos coming from Muslim lands and ask yourself if these folks look like ANYTHING you want ruling the world?


Blogger Derek Wehrman said...

I have seen that video and as a father it's disturbing.

This situation with Islam is very difficult and the globalist are using our hearts to push their agenda upon us. Like you said in another post we must show love when we see them or anybody on the street but people can't ignore the truth of the growing situation of radical Islam. One thing that I've noticed about moderate Muslims when they are trying to defend their faith is that they rarely quote their bible. Seems like they just generalize things. I'm pretty sure if you talk to any Christian about their faith the first thing they do is start quoting the bible. It almost goes hand in hand with most Christians I know.

Next time you hear a Muslim defending their peaceful side of Islam see if they quote their bible or if they just generalize things that sound good.

December 16, 2015 at 9:34 PM  

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