Thursday, April 28, 2016

Black Students Draw Racist Cartoon but Get No Punishment

Have you ever wondered if the nasty cartoons, drawings and graffiti that can appear on sidewalks, campus library walls or building walls to "offend" people are actually drawn by the "offended" party just to get attention?

For instance, what if "KKK forever!" was written on a sidewalk but was actually written by black people who then want to use the "offense" for their own selfish purposes?

So when a stick figure drawing with a reference to "nigger" and shown hanging in a noose was found on a college campus...everyone was offended.  But police have now determined it was black kids who drew it....and the kids will not be punished.....because they are black.

Can you even imagine??

The students behind a “white power” drawing at Salisbury University library will not face criminal charges after a police investigation revealed they are black.

The image, found April 10 on a whiteboard in Blackwell Library, showed the N-word with a stick figure being hanged. Underneath was the hashtag “#whitepower,” The Daily Times reported.

The university confirmed Tuesday that the students behind the drawing are black, but it would not provide their names, citing the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

No charges are expected to be filed. The investigation is being turned over to the university and will be reviewed for any possible university policy violations, university spokesman Richard Culver told The Times.

“Regardless of who created the drawing, we find such actions demeaning to all members of the campus community and against our core values,” Dane Foust, vice president of student affairs, said in a statement provided by Mr. Culver.

The drawing sparked a campus-wide firestorm at a time when racial equity on college campuses has become the focus of national debate.


Of course if they were white students I'm guessing they would be expelled or arrested for offending black people....but since it was black problem!  Carry on!!

In the Last Days race will rise against race and nation against nation....

Wow!  It sure seems like it!  Where is Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to raise up the black people to protest against these black students and their racist-hate drawing?

Oh yeah....they only show up if it's white people offending....never mind.


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