Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Drone Drops Abortion Pills in Poland

What a strange world we live in!  Abortion is illegal in Poland so some pro-abortion folks flew a drone into Poland and dropped some abortion pills to some pregnant woman so they could eat them and kill their babies.

A Dutch group promoting women doing a medical abortion themselves sent on Saturday its first "abortion drone," carrying pills to kill unborn babies, from Germany to the strictly Roman Catholic country of Poland, and called it a "success," as "two Polish women swallowed the abortion pills."
The drone departed from Frankfurt an der Oder in Germany and landed at the opposite side of the river in Slubice, Poland, says the Amsterdam-based Women on Waves group on its website, which also boasts that German police tried to intervene "but the drone pilots were able to safely land the drones at the Polish side."
The police, who say the group violated "Arzneimittelgesetz," or the country's medicine laws, later confiscated the drone controllers and personal iPads.
Rebecca Gomperts, a doctor and founder of the group, earlier told The Guardian that her organization wants to create awareness about "women's right to a safe abortion."
"The drone is another way to use the different laws in different countries in order to draw attention to the social injustice that women who are living in places where abortion is illegal are subject to," she asserted. "In Poland, even women who could have an abortion under Polish law are often denied it because Catholic hospitals don't help them, even if their life is in danger. Rich people can go to Germany or the UK to have abortions, but it's the women who don't have the means or access to information who are suffering."


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