Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sweden's Migrant Rape Crisis

Sweden used to be on the safest, least-crime nations in the world.  But now in the past few years they have allowed a few hundred thousand Muslim "migrants" into their country....and rape has gone up over 1500%.

And of course, the uber-liberals making the laws in Sweden say that it's illegal to keep track of the ethnic and religious background of the rapers....so all they can say is that "a woman was raped by 6 men."  They can't say, "A Swedish, white, blond woman from Stockholm was gang raped by 6 men from Syria who chanted Allah Akbar as they beat and raped her."  But most of the locals know exactly what is going on.  However, it appears it may be too late for those locals to stop the flood of Muslim men flooding into Sweden.

Watch this video here;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdGPPLmR5Bc

Did you notice on the video how many "no go" places were referenced on the map?  These are places in Sweden that are dominated by Muslims where the police and ambulance service simply can't go or they will be pelted with rocks and driven out of town.

Poor liberals.  They have made a toxic porridge using a recipe that stems from godlessness and the failed world view that believes "people are generally good"...no matter their religion, upbringing or worldview.....and real soon France, UK and Sweden are going to be forced to drink a huge bowl of that poison porridge.

Of course the Bible tells us the exact opposite in that all people are actually born selfish, lying, perverted little sinners and if they aren't raised in a society that embraced Judeo-Christian values, at some point in their recent history, ALL people have the inner capacity and desire to rape, loot, steal, kill and then rationalize and justify their behavior.

And Islam, once again, is proving that it is not a religion of peace that is compatible with Judeo-Christian values...DESPITE the liberals incessant scream that it is...and if you disagree with them you have a good chance of being called a racist, intolerant bigot.


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