Thursday, June 2, 2016

Men Who Think They are Puppies

Some men think they are women and enjoy putting on panties, lipstick, high heels and even fake breasts.  Some of them find it sexually arousing and some of them prefer sex with other men while some enjoy having sex with women.  These people are called TRANSGENDER and have been in the news a lot these last few months.

Some men think they are puppies.  They enjoy dressing up like puppies and being treated like puppies.  Some find it sexually arousing...but we aren't quite sure what they have sex with once they are aroused.  These men call themselves TRANS-SPECIES and you better accept them and not question their mental health or you will be called a TRANSPHOBIC, RACIST, HATER!

As "trans" quickly leaps to the top of culture vernacular, thousands of men now embrace the term "trans-species" as they indulge in "pet play." 

The UK's Channel 4's latest documentary, which airs Wednesday night, delves into the secret lives of men who now identify as puppies. Yes, puppies.  

The doc features Tom, who now goes by Spot. He now sleeps in a crate lined with puppy pads. Tom dumped his fiancee because he could no longer resist the call of the wild.  

"Rachel thought I was becoming gay," Tom says. But, "A tiny bit of me regrets being a puppy because I lost what I had." 

But puppy play is not just about lounging around waiting for snacks and belly rubs.

"When you're into it, you ignore what's going on around you in terms of money and food," Tom said. "It's not sexual, it's just escapism to get away from everything that's run of the mill." 

Documentary director Guy Simmonds says he stumbled across pictures of the human pups online, which sparked the idea for the film.  

"At first I thought it was just one or two guys behind closed doors doing this thing, but actually there's a big thriving community. Who are very out and proud about what they do," Simmonds told The Sun.

Even the director says sex is part of the equation.  

"For them it's about being more primal and escaping the stresses of a more hectic world. Putting a mask on and becoming someone else, it appeals to some people. And it's a welcoming, accepting community," Simmonds tells Newsweek.


And there's a big surprise!!  Turns out these sick-puppies have been emboldened by the LGBT pride movement so that now they are VERY OUT AND PROUD about what they do!!

Also we find that while some men think they are puppies that other men think they are kitty-cats!  We just wonder if Target is going to come forward and announce that they are going to have litter boxes set aside in all bathrooms so that the kitty-cats can use whatever restroom that they feel comfortable using?

So if you are a woman shopping in Target next month, don't be surprised if you see a man dressed in a cat costume taking a crap in a litter box in the corner of the women's room..  Feel free to pet the cat while he's pooping and maybe even offer him a cat treat so he feels welcome, safe, comfortable and accepted.

"We at Target want all of our customers and team members to know that Target never discriminates against ANY gender or species.  Effective immediately Target will be putting litter boxes and newspapers down in all rest rooms and changing rooms for our TRANS-SPECIES customers and team members.  We realize that kittens and puppies sometimes can't make it to the bathroom so to accommodate them we are setting up toileting options in the dressing rooms and also on the floor of the Sporting Goods Department.  So please be respectful if you see any woman or man urinating or defecating on a newspaper on the floor....chances are they are really puppies!"


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