Friday, July 15, 2016

Noah's Ark Opens With Protest

A replica of Noah's ark has just opened down in Kentucky.  Sounds cool!  It's a huge wooden boat filled with a bunch of cages and a 'boatload' of stuff to see.  What could possibly be wrong with putting a visual image to one of the most popular and well know stories in the world?

Well...the liberal atheists aren't happy about this big boat.  Surprise!!

Nathaniel Jeanson is a Harvard-educated biologist. For the past year, he has been involved in a spectacular $100 million project, designed to educate and astonish the world.
His project, however, has left many scientists in despair.
For Dr Jeanson is one of the advisers of Ark Encounter – billed as “a life-sized Noah’s Ark.” The 510-ft long boat and its surrounding attractions, unveiled in Kentucky on Thursday, has sparked a wave of protests, but he insisted that, far from being an outrage, the theme park was a gift to humanity.
“This is not anti-science,” he said, speaking to The Telegraph on the eve of the theme park’s opening. “I would say we embrace all science.
“We are just teaching people to think differently.”  Indeed, he admits that his thinking is radically different to that of many of his Harvard peers.
He and his Creationist colleagues believe that the Bible is a book of historic record. They argue that Genesis tells a factual story explaining that the Earth is only a few thousand years old, that man and dinosaur co-existed, and that Noah built an ark to save animals from a flood.
Evolution, he believes, is a myth: Darwin’s work has been misinterpreted.  But many scientists are in despair at the museum, created by controversial Australian Creationist Ken Ham, and funded by donations, junk bonds and tax incentives – which have been challenged in court.
“To me, this is a perversion of what religion is intended to do,” said Dr James Krupa, who teaches evolutionary biology at the University of Kentucky.
You see friends, the THEORY OF EVOLUTION has become a religion.  It requires faith to believe when the religion gets challenged at all, evolution followers become angry and try to use intimidation to silence anyone else who disagrees with them.


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