Thursday, August 4, 2016

10 Reasons Christians Should Not Vote for Hillary

Some of you may listen to Pastor Mike Fabarez on OnePlace or some other radio program.  I listen to him frequently as his sermons confirm would confirm that we have the same worldview and understanding of the prophetic times we find ourselves living in.

With that being said, he recently sent out an email that gave 10 reasons why a Christian shouldn't vote for Hillary.

1. She lied about what happened at Benghazi on September 11, 2012 (blamed it on a YouTube video).
2. She lied to the families of the men killed at Benghazi.
3. She enabled her husband to sexually abuse women (and then sought to destroy the women one by one by one).
4. She will destroy the coal industry.
5. She will continue to run up the U.S. Debt (currently at 19 trillion dollars and climbing).
6. She will eliminate the borders of the United States.
7. She will abolish the 2nd amendment (the right for law-abiding American citizens to bear arms / own guns).
8. She will put an end to the free speech of those who oppose the liberal / progressive / socialist / Marxist agenda.
9. She will oppose the religious liberty of Christians who follow Biblical principles and obey the Word of God (the Bible).
10. She will appoint progressives to the Supreme Court who overrule the Constitution of the United States and legislate (create laws) from the bench.
BONUS She will allow for abortion up to the day before a baby is born (and then if the abortion is botched and the baby happens to be born alive, she will allow for the doctor to kill the infant human being).

It seems with every passing day that Donald Trump is incapable of doing himself any favors.  As we have said, we have some real concerns about Mr Trump and his arrogance and pride.  We are now hearing insiders saying that he won't take advice from anyone and his campaign is in shambles and disarray.

Please pray for this nation.  We are in perplexity about what to do.  We know we can't vote for Hillary and yet many of us don't know what to think about The Donald.  I would hope that Mike Pence could represent the Bible-believing worldview better than any other candidate.....and it would be my prayer that if Donald gets in that he would listen to Mike Pence.


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