Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Monogamy is Boring and Will Soon be Dead

To follow up our previous post on polygamy....the same site had an article listing 10 Reasons Why Monogamy is Dead.

Top 10 Reasons Monogamy Is Dead

We all know the school song ‘first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…’.  For generations young children chanted that song to tease their classmates knowing that love, marriage and birth were all part of the natural order of things.  A well-worn path that everyone would tread in their lifetime.

Is that still the case in the 20teens?  Arguably marriage and long term relationships are falling out of favor.  Humans are not, by their nature, monogamous and with divorce rates at an all-time high, the incentives to marriage simply no longer exist.

It seems strange that at a time when minority groups are fighting (and winning) the right to marry on equal terms with traditional couples, that marriage rates are lower today than they have been at any other time in the past.  Why is that?  Why do people no longer feel the need to enter into a long term committed and monogamous relationship?

Here are 10 key reasons why.

You can see them here;  http://www.listland.com/top-10-reasons-monogamy-is-dead/

Some of the reasons are that "bastards" are no longer shunned by society, easy access to porn for masturbation,  People want Freedom, People are living longer and it's not fair to be shackled to same person for so long, raising kids out of wedlock is encouraged, marriage and divorce are expensive, monogamy lacks excitement, living together is role-modeled in the media so most young people will live together and skip marriage.

Satan has done a tremendous job and tearing down the very Christian foundations that made America a great nation.  We were supposed to be a light to a lost and pagan world....and now we have become the chief pagan nation!  And this has all happened in a very short time!

At one time most Americans had a healthy FEAR OF THE LORD.  Today we find that most Americans want nothing to do with God, the Church, the Bible and certainly nothing to do with Jesus the Christ.


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