Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Top 10 Reasons Polygamy Should be Legal

Are you a man?  Have you ever had the desire to share your bed with more than just one woman?  Do you think it's unfair that the world quenches your desire by making up some stupid rule about only being married to one woman at a time?  Who made up that rule anyway?  Don't they know that men are capable of caring for and loving more than one woman?  Don't they know that we were born that way?  Don't they know that in nature the bull has a herd of up to 35 cows every breeding season? Don't they know that it's totally unnatural for men to be monogamous for our entire lives?

Well....be patient men.  Polygamy is coming!  If gay men can say they are born that way and get all sorts of sympathy and special privileges....then hetero men should demand the same treatment!!

Top 10 Reasons The US Should Legalize Polygamy

What exactly is Polygamy?  Most of us think that it is the practice of a man marrying more than one wife and it is true, that is a specific form of polygamy known as polygyny.  Another form of polygamy is known as polyandry and is the practice of one woman having more than one husband.  While polygyny is the more common form of polygamy, polyandry has been known to be practiced in some cultures.

Polygamy has always been considered illegal in the USA; indeed declaring the practice illegal was one of the requirements Utah had to fulfil in order to become a state of the USA.  Prior to that time polygamy had been considered legal in the territory and continued to be practiced long after the ban by a break-away sect of the Church of Latter Day Saints.  That ban has recently been challenged with a plural family bringing a case to Federal Court which resulted in a decision which ruled language banning ‘cohabitation’ was unconstitutional although the ruling did not prevent the state from refusing to issue multiple marriage licenses.  As such polygamy is considered a crime and perpetrators can be prosecuted for bigamy.

With the recent changes legalizing gay marriage many people feel it is time to reconsider the legal position of what might be considered by some to be an unconventional relationship and afford those who engage in them the same protections under the law as those in a traditional marriage.

Here are our top 10 reasons for legalizing polygamy.

Go to article to read the top 10 reasons;  http://www.listland.com/top-10-reasons-the-us-should-legalize-polygamy/

Friends, it was GOD who ordained the plan for one man and one woman to stay together til death do them part.  It was GOD who designed that relationship so that we could model the union between Jesus Christ (the Groom) and His Bride (the Church).

But as American rejects the Bible and the God of the Bible, which is Jesus Christ.....we will start to automatically reject all the rules that God laid out for us.

Soon we will become just like the ancient Israelites who were destroyed for their unwillingness to listen to God....."In those days Israel HAD NO KING.  Every man did as he saw fit."


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