Monday, December 19, 2016

Russia's Ambassador to Turkey Just Assassinated

Today we find breaking news that a Muslim yelled "Allah akbar!" and killed the Russian Ambassador to Turkey.

BREAKING NEWS: Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey assassinated by Radical Islamic terrorist seeking “revenge” for Russia’s actions in Aleppo.

The Russian Ambassador to Turkey was just assassinated in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

The assailant was a Radical Muslim who shouted “Allah Akbar!” and said he was doing this as “revenge” for Russia’s military actions in Aleppo.

He reportedly fired 15 to 20 shots — killing the Ambassador and wounding at least three others — before being shot and killed by policy. The attack occurred at an art exhibit.

Turkish President Recip Erdogan quickly called Russian President Vladimir Putin after being briefed on the situation.



I probably don't need to remind my readers that Turkey and Russia are both KEY players named in Ezekiel 38.


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