Thursday, December 15, 2016

The 3 Stage Plot to Assassinate Trump

Of course I have no idea if Civil War is coming for America.  However, if you dare to turn on Facebook or social will see some VERY angry people on both sides of the isle.

So what would happen if the Electoral College doesn't end up with enough votes to elect Trump?

What will happen if Black Lives Matter starts protesting something in every major city at the same time?

How about if the American Indians join them?

What if the police departments around America can't find enough people willing to be officers because of the fear they will be killed or thrown in jail for some "wrongdoing"?

How about if someone ASSASSINATES TRUMP in the next few weeks?

Here is what I do know.....from the very first time I heard about the Civil War in America (probably at age 8 or 9) I also heard about stories where brothers and cousins in the Union Army were fighting brothers and cousins in the Confederate Army.  I simply couldn't wrap my head around that fact as I thought about my own brother and cousins.

I thought to myself, "What could possibly happen that would cause a brother or cousin to enlist in different armies and shoot at each other?"

Today as I watch the foul mouths, hyperbole and threats get hurled between Hillary and Trump supporters....I now know the answer.  I know brothers and sisters who now refuse to talk to each other because of the divisive election we just went through.

Now check out this article and discern for yourselves whether anything in it is possible;

The 3 Stage Plot to Assassinate Trump: Thirty Three Days to Armageddon

I have delayed writing this article for the past four days. It is not that I don’t believe in the analysis that I am going to offer in this article, I wholeheartedly do. My hesitation stems from the fact that if the globalists are successful in pulling off the following plot, America is headed for the darkest days in her history. This will mark the end of America and for most us, our lives will be turned upside down.

What am I talking about? I am referring to a progressive three-part plan that will culminate in the failure for Trump to take office and it will mark the end of the populist movement designed to “Make America Great Again”.

The next 33 days will determine the fate of America and the personal fate of all who read this article. This article is the results of over a year’s worth of analysis with regard to the Clinton/Trump campaign and the Primaries before that. This article is also, in part, based upon what I have learned about how the globalists operate. There is very little that they do that surprises me. That is because there is nothing they won’t do to extinguish freedom in this country. The next 33 days are the most dangerous 33 days in American history.

Here is the three-pronged approach being employed by the globalists to end the Trump threat and subjugate the people of this country in every way possible.

Phase One: Keep Counting Until the Democrats Get the Result That They Want

Phase Two: Steal the Election at the Electoral College Level

Phase Three: The Assassination of Donald Trump and the Takedown of the Independent Media

If Trump survives the Soros’ inspired Electoral College coup and prepares to take office, he becomes a marked man.

In 1963 when President Kennedy was murdered, there was no Independent Media. There was no internet and still, the facts have come out. However, it took 20-30 years for the real facts behind the JFK assassination to be pieced together.

The globalists know this and they are not going to allow the Independent Media to fan the flames of dissent and rebellion in the aftermath of a Trump assassination. I would fully expect that within 24-48 hours of Trump’s assassination, the Independent Media would cease to exist in its present form. Of course there will be extreme civil unrest, but it will be nothing that a little martial law coupled with a false flag, blaming Trump supporters as well as a two-term president that will not leave office that would not solve the consequences of a Trump assassination.

I expect a serious threat to be made on the life of Donald Trump at the inauguration. Perhaps this is why Trump is appointing several hard line military types such as Kelly and Mattis. He knows he’s a marked man and will rely on the military to protect him as best as they can.


Please keep praying for Donald and his team.  Also keep praying for USA.

Many Christians who voted for Trump believe that God heard our prayers and granted a reprieve from the perversion-abyss we have been tumbling down these past 8 years....but Satan can be heard growling through atheist-liberal-progressive voices all over social media.  He is extremely angry that his globalist intentions got Trumped!....and he may be working on an IED (improvised explosive device) for America as we speak.


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