Friday, December 9, 2016

Trump Supporters Royally Duped by Fake News

What would you do if you saw a headline on the InterNet that said, "Breaking News:  Hillary Heading to Jail for Benghazi Lies!"

A)  Jump up from you chair and yell, "Finally!"
B)  Forward the news article to your entire email list
C)  Post it to Facebook and hope it digs deep into your Hillary-supporting friends
D)  Quickly cross reference the article to see if other major news outlets are confirming story

We hope you answered D

It turns out (assuming this NBC News article is true) that lots of foreigners are making stupid amounts of money by inventing fake headlines for consumption in the USA.  In addition, it turns out that Trump supporters are more willing to gobble up the fake news and then spread it around until the headline has gone viral....and the kids who made up the story make $thousands.

The articles, sensationalist and often baseless, were posted to Facebook, drawing in armies of readers and earning fake-news writers money from penny-per-click advertising.

Dimitri says he's earned at least $60,000 in the past six months — far outstripping his parents' income and transforming his prospects in a town where the average annual wage is $4,800. He is one of the more successful fake news pushers in the area.

His main source of cash? Supporters of America's president-elect.

"Nothing can beat Trump's supporters when it comes to social media engagement," he says. "So that's why we stick with Trump."

Even with the presidential contest over and Google and Facebook's plans to crack down on fake news makers, money continues to pour in.

Posts about Hillary Clinton are also a hit — but only negative ones.

"I have mostly written about her emails, what is contained in her emails, the Benghazi tragedy, maybe her illness that she had," Dimitri adds, but now he's moved on to headlines like: "Trey Gowdy Revealed His EPIC Plan To Imprison Hillary Now That Election's Over, SHE IS DONE!"

Dimitri's sole aim is to make his stories go viral.

His most popular headlines during the election included: "JUST IN: Obama Illegally Transferred DOJ Money To Clinton Campaign!" and "BREAKING: Obama Confirms Refusal To Leave White House, He Will Stay In Power!"

The teenager is unrepentant about any influence his stories may have had on swaying public opinion.

"I didn't force anyone to give me money," he says. "People sell cigarettes, they sell alcohol. That's not illegal, why is my business illegal? If you sell cigarettes, cigarettes kill people. I didn't kill anyone."

Friends, let's remember that Satan is the FATHER OF LIES!

Please don't fall victim to these lies...and please don't do further damage by forwarding these lies on to everyone on your FB page or email list. Honestly, it amounts to slander.  We need to be wise during this age of delusion in which we live.  We also don't want to lose our witness by being discovered forwarding lies.


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