Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Let Me Tell You How This All Ends

Yes, I realize I have been posting some bearish reminders over the past few days....but it seems important to remember where we were just a few short years ago and how greed seems to creep into our mindset when times are good.  We start to believe that nothing bad is coming our way and it's sunny and bright as far as the eye can see!

We are no different than the generations before us.  When war, famine, storms and financial decline strike us we cry out "Where are you God?!?  How could you let this happen to ME?!"

But when times are good, we have a job, most of our friends have a job, our 401(k) has increased, our mortgage rates are refinanced and low.....what can possible go wrong?

But there are some voices that are reminding us that we have a ton of national debt, most Americans have little or NO SAVINGS, we have 1/2 of the nation that rejects the current POTUS, and there are numerous countries that would love to see us wiped from the planet.

Here is what one educated man says is coming.....

But Edwards concludes by setting the scene for what is to come...

Let me tell you how all this ends.

It ends with investors accepting that they can pretend no longer and profits are sliding into recession.

It ends as the equity market spirals into a deep bear market as company management reach the end of the road in the face of the recessionary conditions and 'kitchen sink' years of EPS manipulation.

It ends as corporate bond spreads explode as years of excess debt accumulation lead to widespread corporate bankruptcies, making the recession much deeper.

It ends with social unrest and double digit budget deficits (again).

It ends with investors losing faith with the Fed as the resumption of QE proves ineffective in reviving the economy.

It ends in deeply negative interest rates, currency and trade wars, helicopter money and ultimately inflation.

In a nutshell, it ends badly.


Social unrest??

What?  You mean creating money out of thin air by the trillions (Quantitative Easing)  doesn't work forever?

Does he mean that boatloads of people could lose their jobs as "widespread corporate bankruptcies" take over?

But who is going to pay for all the "Free" health insurance so many millions have come to love? How about all the "Free" health care we get when we hit 65?  How about all the Social Security "Promises" that are supposed to pay all of us old folks by collecting money from all the young folks? Who will pay for the 48,000,000 on Food Stamps getting "free" food?

We have said it numerous times now....we HOPE that we don't see any of this coming our way.  Jesus told us that people will be marrying, eating, drinking, planting, building...pretty much carrying on as 'business as usual' until He comes to claim His bride from planet earth....but we should recognize that our financial foundation has been built on a house of cards....AGAIN!

Few are talking about it anymore.....just like few were talking about it 8 years ago when the Great Recession came and punched everyone in the gut.

Could it be that we are in the "think not" generation....and that the rapture of the church IS THE TRIGGER that will collapse the current house of cards....and that the world will be forced to come up with a new system....one that the AntiChrist will ultimately take over?

Of course no one knows....but it is interesting to ponder.  The conditions certainly seem ripe.....


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