Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mexico's Southern Border

It's interesting that so many people seem to think it is wrong to want to have a wall along our Southern border.  Shouldn't we KNOW who is coming and going from our country?  To me it seems like common sense.  You simply can't have thousands of people walking in and out and doing whatever they please.

For now, Mexico seems reluctant to have any more of a wall on the USA border than is already there.

Why?  Probably because the Mexican government realizes that the more illegals they can get into America the more hard cash those illegals will send back to their families in Mexico every month.

But what does Mexico think about their own Southern border?  Are they fine with Hondurans, Guatemalans and other Latinos being illegal aliens in their own country?

This article is from January 2016 and explains the Mexico is trying to seal it's southern border!  How intolerant!!  How unloving!!

Mexico is trying to seal its southern border to prevent migrants from Central America from sneaking into the country on their way to the United States. 
Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto has been under pressure to stop the flow of people moving from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras through Mexico. 
Traditionally, Mexico has had a relaxed attitude to people transiting through the country to their northern neighbour. 
Migrants are being actively discouraged from using The Beast - 'La Bestia' - a dangerous, slow moving train through Mexico which is used by criminals to transport migrants. 
President Nieto's plan also requires migrants to register, something many are reluctant to do.  
'Plan Frontera Sur has turned the border region into a war zone,' said Alberto Donis, managing director of the Hermanos en el Camino shelter, near the migrant stopping-point of Ixtepec in Oaxaca state. 'Talk of human rights is a lie. Almost all of the migrants who arrive here have been abused by authorities.'
Evidence that migration officials harass and abuse Central Americans sits uncomfortably alongside Mexico's condemnation of U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump for labeling Mexican migrants as rapists and drug runners.
So worried are some migrants about being attacked in Mexico that they reported climbing trees and using belts to tie themselves to the upper branches so they can sleep in peace.
Sounds awful!  Sounds like Mexico's needs to build a wall to keep all the illegal aliens out of their country!
It also sounds like the Mexican border guard is very they beat, rob and rape many of the illegal aliens they come upon.
While I don't believe that America should spend the money to build a physical, 20 foot high cement wall....I do believe that we should use technology, drones, cameras, dogs, men to seal off our southern border.
A nation without borders isn't really a nation at all.



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