Thursday, March 9, 2017

Nike Releases Pro-Hijab For Women Athletes

Nothing says, "male domination" better that forcing women to cover themselves so that they don't inflame the lusts of men.

But forget about that liberals!  Nike is!

Nike prides itself on innovation and global advancement. The global sportswear giant continually releases products to help male and female athletes around the world advance their performance. The company announced on Tuesday that it will release the Nike Pro Hijab — showing its commitment to female athletes globally.

The Pro Hijab, which took more a year to make, was made with the help of a number of influential Muslim female athletes, who gave the company information about wearing hijabs during athletics.

A female weightlifter from the United Arab Emirates, Amna Al Haddad, shared with the design team how much impact the weight of her hijab can have during competition, and that was one of the many factors the team incorporated into the garment’s design and  production.

The Pro Hijab is constructed of lightweight, breathable fabric, has tiny holes throughout, and is available in black, grey, and obsidian.


"But Dennis, Muslim women like to cover themselves out of respect to their god, Allah."

Really?  Try telling that to the women who were beaten, acid attacked or thrown in jail by the Muslim honor-police because they refused to cover themselves in the 'right' way.


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