Monday, March 13, 2017

Obama's Brother Reveals Kenyan Birth Certificate of Ex-POTUS

I'm not quite sure why this hasn't made the MSM headlines yet...but Obama's brother in Kenya has posted a photo of Barack Obama's birth certificate from Kenya.

It has his name, DOB and a footprint on it....and clearly shows that it is from Kenya.

Is it a hoax?

Is it "fake news"?

Breaking: Malik Obama Tweets Alleged Barack Obama Birth Certificate in Kenya

Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama tweeted out a birth certificate on Thursday allegedly belonging to his brother Barack.

The certificate is from a hospital in Mombassa, Kenya.
Baby Barack was a bouncing 7 pounds 1 ounce.

The certificate says Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Mombassa, Kenya.

Malik Obama is a Trump supporter.

Check it out.

It makes me wonder if the world will ever truly know where Barack was born.  Of course, it's too late now since he already was POTUS for 8 yrs....but if the Kenyan birth certificate is ultimately revealed to be would certainly affirm the claims of all the "birthers" out there who said so all along.


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