Saturday, April 22, 2017

Abortion Doctor Claims to Have a "Deep Christian Faith"

Jesus told us to watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing.  He warned that there would be people who claimed to be Christians but were actually wolves in sheep's clothing.

Today we read of an abortion doctor who claims to be a Christian.  Of course the liberal media love him.

Conservative blogger, Matt Walsh, points out the contradiction.

Mass murderer Willie Parker has been performing abortions for decades. He has filled hundreds of hazardous waste dumpsters with the dismembered bodies of unborn human beings, and made enormous profits doing so. Yet, in spite of the gallons of blood he has spilled and the thousands of women he has exploited, he still claims to be a “Christian.”  I should say, because of the death and the blood and the exploitation, Willie Parker calls himself a “Christian.” He contends not only that his faith permits the summary execution of babies, but that it actually calls him to it. As Time Magazine gushed, he is a man of “deep Christian faith,” and he expresses that faith by destroying human life for 500 bucks a pop.

Parker has now written a book outlining the “moral” and “Christian” case for killing innocent people, and the media has been happy to traipse him around as an example of one of the “good ones.” One of the normal and permissive Christians who testifies to a more rational faith — and by “rational” they mean a faith that happens to approve of everything they already think and do. “I’ve never read the Bible but I’m sure this interpretation is correct because it validates my lifestyle,” they say.

The “Christian” case for abortion that Parker has made in his book and in countless interviews with fawning media outlets is about as psychotic as you’d expect. He says that the Bible has nothing in it that could possibly be construed as condemning abortion. He says God clearly approves of abortion because He gave us free will, thus any choice we make is obviously good (except for the choice to oppose abortion, of course). Parker contends that abortion is “sacred,” just as sacred as, if not even more sacred than, the birth of a child. He claims that he is the “pro-life” one because he respects the life of the mother, unlike those crazy anti-abortion fruitcakes who oppress women by suggesting that they shouldn’t kill their kids.

I feel somewhat ridiculous even responding to this madness. Must a reasonable person lower himself to addressing the question of whether or not the murder of children is “sacred” and ordained by God? Well, yes, it appears he must. In this culture, the reasonable are forced to engage with increasingly unreasonable points of view. It’s a pain, but the only other option is to keep our mouths shut and let this blasphemous reprobate run around proclaiming his divine authority to crush baby skulls.

Ephesians 5
Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Hat tip to J. Hubbard


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