Thursday, April 13, 2017

Rethinking Monogamy Today

Remember friends....the culture today is proudly proclaiming that whatever desire you are born with MUST be OK to do!

If you are born with a sexual desire for animals...go for it!  For members of the same sex...go for it! For multiple women....go for it!  If you are born with the desire to be tiger....then you are one!!  If you feel like you are a little girl instead of a 40 year old man...then you are one!

So who the heck came up with the "stupid" idea that a man and a woman are supposed to get married "until death do you part"?  What if you get tired of that woman?  What if she is boring after 10 years of marriage?  What if she is disabled and is no longer 'fun' for you anymore?

It won't let me cut and paste, but please read this article from CNN that clearly explains how monkeys and sea lions aren't WHY SHOULD WE BE??  After all...we are just animals who why don't we just mate and move on??

Hat tip to Todd K.


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