Monday, April 10, 2017

Did Saddam Move His Chemical Weapons to Syria?

Remember when the leftists screamed the chant, "Bush lied!  People died!"

They were yelling that because they were upset that no chemical weapons were ever found in Iraq following the 2003 invasion ordered by President Bush.  One reason Bush used for the invasion was the danger Saddam held in his WMD's hand.

But what if Bush wasn't lying?  What if the chemical weapons were actually moved to Syria and Assad is now using them to gas his own people?

What if the media simply refuses to report this story because most of the reporters are leftists and were actually some of the very same who were ridiculing Bush for the failure to find WMD's?

For political reasons, the Liberal media covered up this eyewitness account of Saddam Hussein moving chemical weapons.

During the American Policy Roundtable Making a Difference Banquet, held on September 21, 2007, the panel questioned General George Sada.

Sada was an eyewitness to the dictatorship of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, thus the panel asked about WMDs, Syria, and Russia.

This interview vindicates the Bush 43 administration. Further, Sada explains how Syria got its hands on chemical weapons that we likely used in Assad’s recent attacks on his own citizens.

Sada recalled that Saddam planned to carry out a chemical attack against Israel in two waves – one coming through Jordan, and the other through Syria.

Sada – “But in summer of 2002, a natural disaster happened in Syria, in the Zeyzoun area. A lot of floods were in that area. So Syria asked for humanitarian aid from the Arab countries. So that was the time when Saddam start thinking his evil way.”
“He announced to the world that he’s going to aid Syria with humanitarian aid, by air and by ground. But that was not true. The truth is, he converted two airplanes we had, jumbo 747 and 727. And he converted them to cargo airplanes. And the [WMDs] were transported from Bagdad (Iraq) to Damascus (Syria).”
“These two airplanes were permitted as civilian, regular passenger airplanes, for humanitarian purposes – old people, sick people – to go out of the country. But he used these airplane like this [to transport WMDs]. And these airplanes made 56 [trips] from Baghdad to Damascus, transporting the weapons, by a special secret way, by the Republican Guard.”

Interviewer No. 2 – “General, you told this story in England, I remember.”
Sada – “Yes.”
Interviewer No. 2 – “But the British newspapers wouldn’t print it.
Sada – “I told them many other stories, really, but they didn’t print it. And the lady which was making the interview said, ‘I believe you 100% general. But we will not print this in our newspaper.’ I said, ‘Why?’ She said, Because we have taken a position against the Prime Minister Blair about that. If we will tell all this, that means he was right.’
“I said, No matter that the story is true, you still won’t print it? She said, ‘No.’ And they didn’t, and that was it.”

Interviewer No. 3 – “Have you told the story to our federal government?
Sada – “I have told everybody.”
Interviewer No 3 – “The White House, what’s been their response?
Sada – “They know. They know all the story, and they say, ‘The general is right.’ The only thing is, if you call the Congress now, to Pete Hoekstra [ranking member of House Intel Committee at the time]. He will tell you, Yeah, the general is right. The only thing now is, how to verify them [the WMDs].
Sada – “They should go to Syria and get them.”


With all this recent talk about "Fake News" and liberals pointing at conservative news outlets and vice versa, it's becoming almost impossible for the average American to actually KNOW what the truth is anymore.

Just as Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?"  And then he walked out and didn't stay around long enough to hear if Jesus would answer him.

Make no mistake, the world in the Last Days is going to be filled with deception, delusion, contradictions and the smartest people in the world will embrace foolish thinking.  Up will be down, down will be up.

As Christians we NEED to be staying in The Word and studying what God says about these Last Days and then clinging to Jesus Christ who actually came to BRING US TRUTH.

Christ is the ONLY way that we will have joy in this confused world.

John 8
"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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