Saturday, April 22, 2017

Russian Planes Buzz Alaska

During the Cold War with Russia the US and Russia were constantly testing each other's limits and defenses.  We would fly bomber jets toward their borders and they would do the same.

But when Cold War ended and the Berlin fell, we realized that the Soviet Union was bankrupt and had no further reasons to threaten the Free world.

So what exactly is Russia up to now?  What is their end game?

American and Canadian fighter planes scrambled to intercept two Russian TU-95 “Bear” bombers Thursday night, marking the fourth consecutive night of Russian probes near the Alaskan coast, U.S. defense officials said Friday.
At no point did the Russian aircraft cross into American or Canadian airspace, but the incursions into the Air Identification Zones — which extend beyond the territorial waters of the U.S. and Canada — represent a sharp increase in activity in the area, which has seen no Russian activity at all since 2015. The flights may also herald the return of Moscow’s 60-year-old nuclear capable bomber to the international stage, after the entire fleet was grounded in 2015 after a rash of accidents.
Over the past several years, Moscow has played a high-speed game of cat-and-mouse with U.S. and NATO aircraft and naval vessels in the Baltic and Black Seas regions, but this level of activity hasn’t been seen near Alaska since 2014, one defense official told FP.
It’s unclear what the overall objective of the Russian passes are, but they’re in keeping with tactics Russian pilots have employed in recent years in the Baltic and Black sea regions, where NATO pilots regularly intercept aircraft sent by the Kremlin to skirt the airspace of NATO countries.
Most prophecy watchers believe Russia will play a large role in fulfilling Ezekiel 38.  As we read this article and watch the aggressiveness of Russia makes us wonder how close we are?


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