Monday, May 1, 2017

Obama is Now the Person Democrats Love to Hate

This is kind of funny.  Obama has agreed to speak for a big Wall Street firm and he will collect $400,000 for his talk.

Even the liberals are confused at how such a great Democrat could crawl into bed with all the rich, fat-cats that they rail against all the time.

The article below is from Salon, which is one of the most liberal sites on the internet.

In this day and age, getting elected president of the United States is kind of like winning a golden ticket that brings you immeasurable wealth if you can make it through one or two hellish terms in office. It has become standard practice over the past few decades for presidents to cash in that golden ticket after leaving the White House.
It was disappointing but not terribly surprising, then, to learn this week that former President Barack Obama will follow in his predecessors’ footsteps and cash in his ticket. Though Obama has already scored a lavish book deal  rumored to be worth up to $60 million, plus royalties — more money than most people could ever dream of making, or spending, in their lifetime — it was reported on Tuesday by Fox Business that the former president has also agreed to give a speech in September for the Wall Street investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald. His fee will be $400,000. In other words, Obama will make in about one hour what an average American worker makes in about a decade.
This news predictably vexed progressives, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., saying that she is “troubled” by the president’s decision, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., calling it “unfortunate.” At the same time, the news delighted conservative pundits, who gleefully branded Obama a self-interested hypocrite. On “Fox & Friends,” conservative author Kristen Tate called it the “height of hypocrisy,” opining that “it’s all about personal gain for Obama.” While almost all politicians “cash out” after leaving office, Tate continued, “Democrats end up looking more hypocritical than Republicans because it’s the Democrats who constantly rail against greedy, rich bankers and rich businesspeople.”

We wonder if this means Obama is never planning to run for political office again as a Democrat. Cashing this $400K check will put a permanent black mark on his ability to "run for the little people".

He's a rich, fat-cat now with a $60,000,000 book deal and a paycheck of $400k every time he shows up to tell a few jokes.


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