Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gender- Fluid and How to Talk About it With Your Kids

Are there some days when you are moody and cry easily?  Well don't worry, you might be a woman that day!

Are they some days when you want to build something in a shop?  Well don't give it a might be a man that day!

Are your feelings all over the board because sometimes you feel like a woman but sometimes you feel more like a man?  No problem!  Finally there is a good word to affirm and celebrate those feelings!!  Congratulations!  Your are GENDER-FLUID!

What happens when you bring a group of sixth-graders together to meet -- for the first time -- someone who is transgender? You get an easy and honest conversation that speaks volumes about how we can talk to our kids about gender and how much we can learn from their openness.

Hennessy, a 32-year-old transgender male, recently participated in a workshop held by SheKnows Media, a leading women's lifestyle company.

"What gender do you think I am?" Hennessy asked 11 sixth-graders in New York City who are members of SheKnows' unique Hatch program, which focuses on teaching digital literacy and citizenship to the next generation. The program is in its fourth year.

There is silence for a second, and then one girl says "male" and another says, "I heard earlier that you were transgender."

Hennessy, an actor in New York City and co-host of the podcast "Kill Me Now" with comedian Judy Gold, says they are both right.

"I'm a transgender male," he says.

And then the questions begin. "When did you first realize you were transgender?" a boy asks before the conversation turns to terms the kids may or may not have heard before: transgender, agender (when you don't identify as male or female), gender fluid (you feel more masculine one day, more feminine the next) and sexual orientation.

Hennessy hopes the new video of the Hatch workshop, released Thursday, will be seen by children and parents across the country and lead to more understanding about people like himself who are born with reproductive organs that do not match their gender identity.

"If you don't treat it like a gross, icky, weird, evil thing, they don't treat it like a gross, icky, weird, evil thing," Hennessy said in an interview. When kids as young as 4 or 5 years old use female pronouns when they meet him, he tells them, "Oh, no, I'm a boy," at which point they often ask, "What, you're a boy?"

He then explains to them what being transgender is. "And boom, they get it right away," he said.
Maverick, 12, knew what transgender was before taking part in the Hatch workshop. His mom is a sexuality educator who has been talking to him about sexuality and gender since birth. But he had never met anyone who was transgender until Hennessy.

"I thought it was a very powerful experience for me," Maverick said. "I'm not sure about other kids, but I think meeting a transgender male for the first time was a very impactful thing in my life."


How much longer until it will be frowned upon to raise your kids male or female?  How much longer until all kids are just put into gender-neutral classes and encouraged to not decide their gender until much older...or never at all?

The lunacy is reaching such a crescendo that it makes me wonder how much further into the weeds we can actually go?  Will we continue to have men's and women's sports?  Will 'people' who are cut from the NBA be able to try out for the WNBA?  Should women's sports be discontinued all together and just put the best 'people' on the team?  Should all sports and public schools and locker rooms just be 'gender-blind' and just let people be people and NOT categorize them at all into male and female?

Of course as Bible readers we KNOW what is driving this delusion and deception of the godless liberals.  When God says something, Satan takes those words and runs in the opposite direction while taking as many people with him as possible.

Genesis 1
So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Deuteronomy 22
5 A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.

Hat tip to Julie L.


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