Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Palestinians Immediately Break Promise to Trump

All you have to do is turn on Palestinian TV and you can watch shows for little kids teaching them how to hate Jews and quoting verses from the Quran that talk of killing Jews...and you can know that it's going to be a LONG TIME before the Arabs of Palestine will admit that Jews own and control Israel and that they are NEVER leaving.

Peace partners with the Jews?


It's an embarrassment to Arab Muslims that their god, Allah, has not vanquished the Jews and chased them all into the sea.  Of course they have tried, and will no doubt try again some day.

But now President Trump is going to get a taste of the frustration of trying to use a "partner for peace" when the Arab partner wants no peace.

Hard on the heels of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas's assurances to US President Donald Trump that he is raising Palestinians on a "culture of peace," he continues to glorify terrorists who have Jewish blood on their hands.

Abbas, who met with Trump in Bethlehem on May 23, told reporters that he was committed to working with the new US administration to achieve a "historic peace deal with Israel." Abbas also announced his readiness to become a "partner in the war on terrorism in our region and the world." He claimed that he and his Palestinian Authority have been promoting "tolerance and coexistence, and spreading a culture of peace and renouncing violence."

Abbas's sweet talk, however, did not last long. Just hours after Trump left the region, Abbas and his PA returned to their anti-Israel incitement. This stands in blinding contrast to what Abbas told Trump and his Middle East envoy, Jason Greenblatt, with whom Abbas met 48 hours after his get-together with Trump in Bethlehem.

At a meeting of Fatah leaders in Ramallah on May 25, Abbas described Palestinian prisoners held by Israel as "heroes."

His remarks came in response to the hunger strike of more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners, many of whom are serving lengthy terms for murdering or wounding hundreds of Israelis. The hunger strike, which began on April 17, is led by Marwan Barghouti, a senior official with Abbas's Fatah faction who is serving five life terms in prison for his role in a spate of terror attacks that killed five Israelis during the Second Intifada (2000-2005).

Referring to the convicted terrorists as "our heroes," Abbas lashed out at the Israeli government for its refusal to surrender to the demands of the hunger strikers.

"We will stand with them and support them," Abbas said, referring to the convicted terrorists. "We will emerge triumphant and we won't allow [Israel] to defeat or humiliate the prisoners."

Abbas's powerful message flies in the face of his promise to Trump and his representative, Jason Greenblatt, to cease all forms of incitement against Israel.

By describing the convicted terrorists as "heroes," Abbas is in fact sending a message to all Palestinians that murdering Jews is a noble and heroic act.

Such rhetoric prompts Palestinians to launch terror attacks against Israelis. It is a clear call by Abbas for Palestinians to follow in the footsteps of terrorists and murderers.

Is this Abbas's way of promoting a "culture of peace" among his people? Is this his version of encouraging Palestinians to renounce violence?

Less than 24 hours after the Abbas-Trump meeting in Bethlehem, in which he promised Trump and envoy Jason Greenblatt to cease all forms of incitement against Israel, the PA government in Ramallah resumed its vicious rhetorical attacks on Israel.

The attacks came in response to celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the liberation and unification of Jerusalem. They also came in response to routine and peaceful visits by Jews to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

In a statement issued by the Palestinian Authority on May 24 that is reminiscent of a medieval blood libel against Jews, Israel was accused of perpetrating "black crimes" against Jerusalem and Palestinians and of defiling Islamic holy sites in the city.

Here;  https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/10433/abbas-trump-promises

I wonder what Trump will do if he ever figures out the fact that Mahmoud Abbas was an organizer of the Arab-Muslim attacks on Israeli Athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich?  Would he still shake his hand and invite him to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House?

I hope Trump tells him, "If we see any more of your KILL THE JEWS!  TV programs beamed into all those Muslim homes in Gaza and West Bank...we will immediately cut ANY funding!  You won't get one thin dime from USA so long as you teach your kids to kill Jews.  Also, if we find out that you have named ANY more schools, streets, parks or government centers after TERRORISTS who have successfully killed Jews....you funding will immediately go to ZERO!  Understood?"

Maybe Donald should call Abbas at about 2 in the morning some night and when he answers, say, "You're fired!"


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