Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Minneapolis Mayor Bashes Trump While Giving Speech in Mosque

The leftist-liberals are so upset at anyone who has any different views than they do! 

In the mind of the liberal-elite, they have a little recorder that plays a message over and over in their heads, "If ONLY everyone else was as smart as me, had as much education as me, had read the books and articles I have read and could formulate opinions with logic AND emotion, like I do....then the world would be SO MUCH better off!"

So of course the laws of the USA say that if you are a visitor to our country and have overstayed your visa....then YOU BROKE THE LAW!!  And if you have broken the law, it would be the obligation of the police to enforce that law and arrest you for breaking the law.

Now let's see what Mayor Betsy Hodges has to say about that logical conclusion and about how she and 400,000 Minneapolis residents will stand in the way of anyone who draws that logical conclusion.

Oh yeah....she decided to give the speech in a mosque....probably(in her mind anyway) to combat any Islamophobic ideas that anyone had about another Muslim killing 22 innocent people in Manchester a few days ago.


Minneapolis also has the dubious honor of sending the first the Muslim congressman to Washington AND also has a place not far from downtown that is called Little Mogidishu...since it is made up completely of Somali Muslims.  Not surprisingly, Minneapolis is the #1 place for recruiting Islamic extremists in America.


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