Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Another Muslim Attack Kills 22 in England

Let's watch the pattern again:
-Man or woman screams to Allah then blows himself up, shoots everyone or drives over them
-dozens of people killed and injured
-media works hard to avoid saying word "Muslim" or "Islam" and just say "Terrorism"
-we are reminded by the leftists that "Islam is a religion of peace"
-politicians remind us that Islamophobia will not be tolerated so no criticism of Islam is allowed.

MANCHESTER, England — The Islamic State group claimed responsibility Tuesday for the suicide attack at an Ariana Grande show that left 22 people dead as young concertgoers fled, some still wearing the American pop star's trademark kitten ears and holding pink balloons.

Teenage screams filled the Manchester Arena just after the explosion Monday night, and members of the audience tumbled over guardrails and each other to escape. Fifty-nine people were injured in what British Prime Minister Theresa May called "a callous terrorist attack."

"We struggle to comprehend the warped and twisted mind that sees a room packed with young children not as a scene to cherish but as an opportunity for carnage," she said. Campaigning for Britain's June 8 election was suspended.

Greater Manchester Police said the bomber was killed in the attack. They announced Tuesday that they had arrested a 23-year-old man in the south of the city, in connection with the bombing.

Witnesses said they saw bolts and other bits of metal, indicating the bomb may have contained shrapnel intended to maximize injury and death.

May said authorities believe they have identified the attacker, but did not release the name. She said authorities were trying to determine if he had an accomplice. (side note....how does the media know it was a HE?  What if the attacker identified as a SHE or GENDER QUEER?  This could be VERY offensive to transgenders and queers)

Here;  http://www.winonadailynews.com/news/world/apparent-suicide-bomber-at-ariana-grande-concert-in-england-kills/article_80f57d43-a98c-5984-9332-875ca5e4d47f.html

Again, we can't know for sure that it was a Muslim who killed all these people to glorify his god of Allah.  It may have been a radicalized Lutheran, Catholic, Buddhist or even Methodist....because lots of those kinds of terrorists are also causing carnage and mayhem! (not)

How long will it take the leftists of Europe to realize that their porous borders and liberal immigration policy have allowed an awful lot of Muslims into their midst.  And if we are to believe the statistics, then 10% of those could/would be willing to kill people for the advancement of Allah and Islam.

Please remember that tens of millions of Muslims actually want Islam to one day rule the entire world and would be willing to kill all who refuse to comply. To state such a fact doesn't make one racist, bigoted or Islamophobic.


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