Monday, July 3, 2017

"Accidental Gay Parents"

You have to pull up this article via the link below and see the two photos.  You will see a 'man' with a beard who is clearly pregnant.

So let me explain.....

It's a story about a woman who believed she was trapped in a woman's she wanted to become a man.  So she started taking male hormones and grew a beard.  But here is the twist....upon becoming a man she decided that she is a GAY MAN...meaning she was now a man who was attracted to other men.

Wait....doesn't that just mean she is a straight woman who wanted a beard?

It's all very confusing....

Just read about how the NBC News article fawns over this "new American family".

Trystan Reese admits that to some people, the life he has built with his partner, Biff Chaplow, and their two children, Hailey and Riley, can seem a bit mundane at times.

“Our life is mostly picking up soccer balls and driving to Girl Scouts,” he told NBC Out at their home in Portland, Oregon.

But Reese is quick to point out that as a gay trans man married to another gay man and raising two children together, the life he and his partner have built together is a life that many LGBTQ individuals before him could have never experienced.

I was in Texas last September, and I was talking to this older gay man in his 60s, and I told our story, and I asked, ‘Were you able to be a parent?’ And his eyes just swelled up with tears, and he said, ‘Oh sweet heart, I could never have done that,’” Reese recalled.

But for Reese and Chaplow, being a parent is indeed their reality, and the two men have been sharing their story of love and parenthood with others in the hopes of showing that many paths can exist when it comes to making a family.

Their path started seven years ago in Los Angeles, when the two met at a brunch hosted by a mutual friend. At the time, Chaplow was in a relationship with another person, but once that relationship ended, Chaplow and Reese began dating.

“When I started dating [Reese], I knew from the beginning that he was transgender,” Chaplow said. “By that time, I had done a lot of internal work and felt very comfortable in my sexuality and gender. I figured out that body parts matter a lot less than we think they do.”

For Reese, the attraction to Chaplow was immediate. “I’ve been a gay trans dude for like 14 years,” Reese explained. “I’m used to other trans men [asking], ‘Why would you transition to be a man only to be with another man?’ [I tell them] because 'I’m gay, I’m not going to pretend to be straight.'”


So wait.....let me think about this.....maybe if I'm a man who is attracted to women....maybe I'm actually a lesbian??

I'm so confused!!

Lord Jesus, would you please come to earth sooner than later and fix this entire fallen planet!  I'm just not sure how much more confusion we can all take!!

Hat tip to Julie E.


Blogger Dave Gust said...

So….the gay man (with man parts) is attracted to the woman (with woman parts) who thinks she is a gay man. And the lesson we are supposed to learn from this is that none of the parts matter?

I think what I learned is that when a man and a woman have sex there is a probability they are going to make a new person.

It does not matter how they feel about their bodies. It matters what their bodies actually are. It did not matter that the woman wished her ovaries were really testicles. No amount of pretending that her eggs were sperm prevented her from getting pregnant. Truth is truth.

This was the fight of our time but I think it may already be too late.

Even so come Lord Jesus.

July 6, 2017 at 3:46 PM  
Blogger dennis said...

Yes Dave, you may be confused but the fact that you are asking questions for clarification means you may be;
a) Homophobic
b) Biphobic
c) Queerphobic
d) racist
e) sexist
f) a hater
g) Transphobic
h) ignorant
i) On the wrong side of history

Yes, I agree with you that our confusion may now be a permanent malady....and it might be too late to go back. Can you imagine the courts in America EVER pushing back marriage to ONE MAN & ONE WOMAN? Nope.

July 7, 2017 at 10:45 AM  

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