Thursday, December 21, 2017

Interspecies Sex

The next story has been in the news all week.  NPR, CNN and now Newsweek have all done stories on it.  What is it?

Monkeys in Japan are having sex with deer.

No I'm not kidding.  As you read the article, ponder to yourself WHY so many news publications have picked up this story and kept it going for over a week.

After video went viral that showed a snow monkey sexually mounting a sika deer, scientists have published a research paper on the behavior.

What they found was that monkeys’ predisposition to mount deer, while surprising, was not abnormal. In fact, it’s a cultural action, either a fad or an ingrained tradition among the primates.

In research published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, scientists documented repeated attempts by Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys, to climb on the backs of deer and thrust their pelvises.

Because of the anatomical differences between the species, videos of the interactions don’t show actual sexual penetration. (And don’t worry, even if they did actually copulate, monkeys and deer are too far removed genetically to make baby hybrids called “meer” or “donkeys.”) Additionally, it was primarily adolescent females that were humping the cervines. Incidentally, both species have mating seasons at the same time.

The scientists are certain that the monkeys’ advances toward the deer are sexual in nature, because the actions resemble the actions that the female monkeys make toward male monkeys before they actually mate. Oddly, the female monkeys were primarily observed mounting male bucks. It’s unknown whether that’s because female deer and juveniles would buck them off, or because the monkeys actually had a sexual preference for stags.

The researchers documented interactions between snow monkeys and their sexual partners. They found that snow monkeys have no preference between sex within their own species or with another. There was no difference in how long the monkeys spent on top of their partner of either species, but they did prefer doggy-style with the deer. (Other positions would prove logistically challenging.)

The deer, for their part, didn't seem to mind.

Soooo.....monkeys are screwing deer....and these same liberals also tell us that mankind is descended from monkeys....and that we are just slightly more people really shouldn't have a problem if men or women wanted to screw horses, sheep, goats or other species of animals....because it happens all the time in nature!  It's just another "lifestyle choice!"

Here's what National Geographic started prepping us for 10 yrs ago.

The act of mating with a species other than your own may not be as ill advised or peculiar as it seems.

Recent research indicates that hybridization is not only widespread in nature but it might also spawn many more new species than previously thought.

A growing number of studies has been presented as evidence that two animal species can combine to produce a third, sexually viable species in a process known as hybrid speciation. Newly identified examples include both insects and fish.

This evolutionary process, while known to be common in plants, has long been considered extremely rare among animals.

Animals are generally thought to evolve the opposite way, when a single species gradually splits into two over many generations.

But some scientists now believe that the behavior that has been called animals' sexual blunders could be an important force in their evolution.

"Given the fact there have been several reported cases of hybrid speciation in animals, I think it's possible that's just the tip of the iceberg," said biologist James Mallet of University College London in the United Kingdom.


Of course the Bible is very clear in Leviticus 18 that men and women ARE NOT TO HAVE SEX WITH ANIMALS. 

But of course, to the godless folks who believe we are nothing more than animals....what could possibly be the harm??  Maybe a new species will come of it!!


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