Saturday, October 20, 2018

Catholic Sex Crimes Keep Coming

How much more ish do we need to see from the leaders of the Catholic Church?  Jesus said we will know them by the fruit they what spiritual entity do you think is supplying the power behind the Catholic Church?  Clearly, it’s not the Holy Spirit.

After all the things we’ve heard so far – the child pornography ring the Catholic Church ran in Pennsylvania, the fact that some priests didn’t know if raping a child was wrong, and a pastor saying that the Bible says it’s not rape if the child didn’t scream – it’s hard to imagine what could be worse for the Catholic Church. And don’t get me wrong. The state of New York subpoenaed all of the dioceses in New York last month. So it’s likely going to get worse. But the Daily Beast broke a story that, at least for now, tops them all in the contest of being the worst of the worst. According to their reporting, the Catholic Church oversaw a school for special needs children – children who are deaf or deaf and mute – where they were systematically groomed for sex by the priests using hand signals.


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