Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Blood Moon Appears

So what's up with this super blood moon?  Did anyone hear a trumpet blow?  Has anyone seen the war of Armageddon start?  Does anyone feel any different because we saw it last night?

Time will tell if this tetrad of 4 blood moons all in a row and all falling on Jewish Feast Days was some type of sign to someone or just another amazing display of the heavens.

Of course the media are honing in on the religious folks and their warnings that these blood moons are ushering in the End of Days.

They just LOVE to find people who claim to be religious and then get them on the record saying that "the world is going to end"....because when it doesn't they can laugh at them all the more.

'Blood Moon' seen as sign of end times by some Mormons

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A rare confluence of a lunar eclipse and a supermoon set to happen this weekend has prompted such widespread fear of an impending apocalypse that the Mormon Church was compelled to issue a statement cautioning the faithful to not get caught up in speculation about a major calamity.

Sunday night's "blood moon" and recent natural disasters and political unrest around the world have led to a rise in sales at emergency preparedness retailers. Apocalyptic statements by a Mormon author have only heightened fears among a small number of Mormon followers about the looming end of time. The eclipse will give the moon a red tint and make it look larger than usual. It won't happen again for 18 years.

It's unclear how many Latter-day Saints buy the theory, but Mormon leaders were worried enough that they took the rare step this week of issuing a public statement cautioning the faithful not to get carried away with visions of the apocalypse.

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints told its 15 million worldwide members that they should be "spiritually and physically prepared for life's ups and downs," but urged them not to take speculation from individual church members as doctrine and "avoid being caught up in extreme efforts to anticipate catastrophic events."


"So Dennis, what do you think was the significance of these 4 blood moons?"

For one thing they certainly displayed how awesome our God is that he can set these massive planets, stars and moons all in their orbit and KEEP THEM THERE!  How amazing that we live on a planet that is rotating 1000 miles per hour and hurtling through the heavens on its annual path around the sun...and we have no steering wheel!!  The entire thing is in God's hands!!

Sing with me now...."He's got the whole world, in his hands...He's got the whole wide world, in his hands!"

Apart from that I have a few other ideas but I don't think we can know anything for sure until we see Jesus and He can explain the entire story from Adam to the 2nd coming....

MAYBE it was a sign....but a sign of what and a sign for whom?

MAYBE America will continue to fall into disrepair and moral depravity and ultimately we will lose our lamp stand and start to become a stench in God's nostrils? MAYBE we will look back at this sign that was visible to America and say, "Boy, that was the final sign to this nation that God has withdrawn His hand of protection on us."

MAYBE they coincided with the final straw of the Supreme Court allowing marriage contracts to be written that provide men to marry men and women to marry women?

MAYBE they were a celestial sign for the heavenly Watchers who have been observing this human drama from the realm of angels....and MAYBE they see this sign as the final curtain being lifted to reveal the final drama of Revelation, the rapture of the church and the 2nd Coming of Christ.....

But as we already said....we can't know and won't know until Christ is revealed to us.

Certainly we enjoyed the evening with good friends coming over and setting up lawn chairs in the back yard so we could observe all of God's handiwork.

Amen!  Even so, Come Lord Jesus!


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