Thursday, October 29, 2015

"We Go to 22 Weeks" of Age to Kill Babies

Another undercover video was just released as hidden cameras record abortion providers discussing killing and selling baby parts.

You really need to take a few minutes and watch this latest video as one abortion provided from Texas tells how she kills babies at 22 weeks of age to harvest the best parts.

Bioethicist Dr. Dennis Sullivan laid out key observations about the latest undercover Planned Parenthood video, taking aim at what he called “callousness and indifference” and explaining why he’s left with the “unavoidable conclusion” that some fetuses might be “born alive.”

The key question surrounding the 11th video that was released this week by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group, surrounds whether Dr. Amna Dermish, the subject who was secretly recorded, is actually admitting to performing illegal partial-birth abortions.

Dermish is seen in the video seemingly describing how she sometimes turns a baby beech — a position in which the fetus emerges feet-first rather than head-first — during abortion procedures.

“I can if I need to. I generally don’t have to do that. I don’t usually do it in the 16 to 18 weeks,” she seemingly said after being asked if she can convert to that position during abortions. “With a further gestation I will sometimes do that if it’s a cephalic presentation [head-first], just because it’s easier to get.”

The problem with the 11th video from the Center for Medical Progress, according to Sullivan, is that the dialogue presented seems to show that doctors want to provide researchers with intact calvariums, or brains.

To do this, he said they would not be able to use the aforementioned method, as it would destroy the tissue that they are looking to procure.

“So how do they insure that the fetus dies before delivery? In the video, Dr. Dermish clearly states that she does not use digitalis to stop the heart unless the fetus is 20 weeks or older,” Sullivan said. “So I’m left with the unavoidable conclusion that some of these fetuses are born alive, then killed after birth. If true, this is a clear violation of federal law.”

Watch video here;

Here is how CRAZY ILLOGICAL this whole thing is!!  If a woman went to hospital complaining of stomach pains only to go into delivery and push out a 22 week old baby, doctors would rush it to an incubator and have successfully saved those babies and sent them home with their mothers as healthy fully functioning kids!

BUT if the woman got up in the night and said to herself, "Crap! I didn't even know for sure if I was pregnant!  I'm not ready to be a mother!  I was hoping to go to prom this spring and then college in the fall!"...and then walks over to incubator, reaches in and twists baby's head off...SHE WOULD BE CHARGED WITH MURDER AND EVEN THE LIBERALS WOULD SCREAM "HOW COULD SHE DO SUCH A HEINOUS THING?!?!"

But yet that SAME BABY sitting 2 inches up in his mother's womb can legally be mashed to death and dragged out of the womb, carved up and sold for body parts.

It's so illogical there has to be a supernatural force deluding otherwise intelligent people.

Lord, have mercy.


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