Thursday, November 5, 2015

Could Hackers Knock Out U.S Power?

I'm on my iPad for a few days and it's difficult to blog from so will keep my comments short.

Here in America we are feeling pretty smart.  We can Google anything we need on our Smartphones, we can order anything we want using the Internet, and we can talk to anyone we want using Facebook and our cell phones.

No doubt we are feeling pretty capable!  Especially our younger Americans who have had this technology mitten-clipped to their hands since birth.

So what happens if it all suddenly vanished?

When the lights go out, we usually know why: Mother Nature is at it again.
Most of the time we manage to get through it. But what if the power went out in a number of states affecting millions of people for weeks, even months?
As he was researching his new book about the nation's power grid, veteran journalist Ted Koppel said "frightened" was perhaps too strong a word, "but maybe I should have been."
"Well, they are in. There's no question about it. They are already in the grid. I was told that by the former Chief Scientist of NSA, he stated categorically the Russians are in, the Chinese are in. The Iranians may be on the verge of getting in. And then at the bottom of the capability scale are folks like ISIS, terrorist groups."
The power grid is the system interconnecting North America's supply of electricity. If one area has particularly heavy demand, power from another region can sometimes serve as back-up.
The downside to all this? If a hacker manages to take down an entire grid, a huge portion of the country -- along with parts of Canada -- could go down with it.
The primary reason? Like so much else these days, the grid relies heavily on the Internet.
The statistics coming out this week is that more and more Americans are jettisoning God from their lives.  They ask who needs God anymore?  
"We don't need a thing from you, mythical God, we have everything we need or want!" But Jesus says they are really poor, pitiful and blind and are about to be spit out because of how lukewarm they are.  Read Revelation 3 about the church of Laodicea.


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