Monday, November 2, 2015

Postman Rapes Dogs

I have gotten into debates with numerous liberals about homosexuality.  They claim that since gays are born that way, there is nothing wrong with their behavior.

I then ask them if folks who lust after animals and commit bestiality are also born that way.

Many liberals then reply that so few folks have sex with animals that it isn't even worth discussing.

Of course they are dead wrong.  Many, many folks enjoy sex with animals and they are trying to tell us that if the horse, dog or monkey isn't harmed by the behavior....who are they hurting and why should they be made to feel like perverts??

Today we find another headline about a man having sex with animals.

Postman 'had SEX with dogs while delivering mail – and wanted intercourse with horses'

James Allen Darland is said to have boasted about sexually abusing neighbours horses, dogs and sheep to an undercover police officer.
The retired delivery driver bragged he attacked the animals on his route and captured stray dogs, according to police.
Officers arrested the 56-year-old in a sting operation where they posted an online advert offering sex with animals at a remote farm, in exchange for intimate relations with a pooch.
Darland - who drove a delivery truck for a national package delivery service in Arizona, US - allegedly offered the undercover officer sex with his dog he called Playmate.
A statement from Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said he "regaled the detective of stories about his delivery route days where he unabashedly engaged in sex with customer's pets."
Darland allegedly discussed sex acts he planned to perform on an un-neutered dog an officer took along to the meeting.

I will make my point again just in case there is a new reader reading this post....WE ARE ALL BORN WITH SINFUL DESIRES!!  Some are born with desires for sex outside of marriage (fornication), some are born with gay desires, some are born with desires for animals, some are born with desires to lie, cheat, steal, rape and murder.

The Bible says ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD!  That's why we ALL need a savior and Jesus Christ is the ONLY NAME given under heaven who can save us if we repent and accept the work He did on the cross.

"No man comes to the Father except through me." --Jesus

If Jesus can create a universe and all the complex life we see on earth, He certainly has the ability to wash us clean from our sin and change our wicked hearts and our wicked desires...even the desires we are born with.


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