Friday, December 11, 2015

Scientists Find Dinosaur Blood

Wait...what?  How could blood and soft tissue survive for 80 million years in a dinosaur bone?

Hey!'s an idea....just MAYBE the bone isn't 80,000,000 years old?  Maybe it's only thousands of years old?

Confirmed Dinosaur Blood on Ancient Fossil Astonishes Evolutionists

RALEIGH, N.C. – Researchers have confirmed that biomaterial discovered on an ancient fossil is in fact preserved dinosaur blood, astonishing evolutionists who continue to believe the fossil is 80 million years old.

Over the past decade, scientists have unearthed a number of dinosaur fossils with preserved blood vessels and soft tissue. Many evolutionists initially treated such discoveries with skepticism and incredulity—while others rejected them outright—due to their seeming incompatibility with the evolutionary timeframe.

In a November 23 journal article published in “Journal of Proteome Research,” scientists from North Carolina State University confirmed that blood vessels found on the fossil of a hadrosaur (B. canadensis) are in fact dinosaur blood—not contaminants from some other source.

“Their findings add to the growing body of evidence that structures like blood vessels and cells can persist over millions of years,” the university announced in a press release last week.

In their journal article, the researchers confessed that they initially thought protein-filled blood vessels could not possibly survive in any dinosaur fossil for millions of years.

“The [discovery of tissue] from Tyrannosaurus rex was controversial when first reported,” they wrote. “The survival of proteins from the Cretaceous Period (66–145 million years ago) was not thought to be possible.”

“Although soft tissue vessels and cells have been observed in multiple fossil specimens … continued skepticism on the prevalence and endogeneity of ancient soft tissues and their composite molecules persists,” they added.


How funny.  Now that they are convinced that the bone has to be millions of years old...rather than change their thought process to investigate the idea that bones are thousands of years old, they simply say that they NOW believe that blood and proteins CAN SURVIVE for millions of years.

The Bible says that the WISE MEN and INTELLIGENT MEN of our day will be confused and confounded.  I sure wonder if this is one example of such?


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