Friday, May 20, 2016

Pope Says Employers Who Exploit Workers are Bloodsuckers

The Pope seems to make the main-stream news almost every day.  We still believe that if the rapture would have happened yesterday, the Pope may very well be a candidate for FALSE PROPHET today.

In the news today, we find out the Pope is calling employers who take advantage of employees, "bloodsuckers".

ROME— Pope Francis on Thursday condemned employers who only offer temporary contracts or no health insurance to employees, calling them “bloodsuckers,” and saying they exploit those who desperately need a job by turning under-the-table payment into “civilized slavery.”

“Those poor people become slaves. We think of the here and now, the same thing happens all over the world,” Francis said in daily homily.

The pope complained of “rich people who exploit others,” saying they offer contracts only from September to June, and then the employees have to “eat air” from July to August.

“Those who do that are true bloodsuckers, and they live by spilling the blood of the people who they make slaves of labor,” Francis said, according to a summary of the homily provided by Vatican Radio.

As an example, he quoted the example of a young girl who once told him about having a job that paid 650 euros (circa $700) a month for an 11-hour a day, under the table, and if she didn’t take it, someone else would because “there’s a line of people waiting.”


So here is what we think is funny about the leader of the Catholic church calling anyone a bloodsucker;

By sucking the blood out of the poor people of Europe who couldn't read or write and making up a false story that their dead relatives were in purgatory and wouldn't get out unless they gave money to the Catholic church via the purchase of INDULGENCES.

Are there greedy employers in the world exploiting employees?  Absolutely!  Has the Catholic church exploited women, children and ignorant people by the millions over the last centuries?  Absolutely!

Hey Pope, the fact of the matter is that Burger King only pays minimum wage and offers no health insurance to its fry-cooks and burger flippers because those jobs are ONLY MEANT FOR UNSKILLED HIGH SCHOOL KIDS who used to need money for gasoline and movie tickets. Those unskilled jobs were never meant for adults to take who have to support homes and families!

Here is the truth....if you want to be payed for SKILLED had better train yourself or educate yourself to have some SKILLS worth paying for.

How to say "duh!" and "ironic" in Italian?


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