Friday, May 20, 2016

Transgender Claims He Was Assaulted in Bathroom

The TV report explains that a man, who thinks he's a woman, tried to use the female rest room at a grocery store.  Soon after he went into the restroom, a FEMALE SECURITY GUARD went into the restroom and kicked him out!

The security guard is now in serious trouble as talk of hate crimes charges are brought up.

Friends, you can't make this stuff up.

WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Verbally and physically assaulted. That’s what a transgender woman says happened when she tried using the women’s bathroom at a busy grocery store. The case is being investigated as a possible hate crime, and a security guard is facing charges.

Rick Ritter reports it is adding to the growing national debate about transgender people, and which restrooms they can use.

Ebony Belcher, 32, was a Baltimore City Community College student and suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. She says she was forced out of the women’s bathroom.

At a loss for words, and now, a loss of sleep, 32-year-old Ebony Belcher says she’s never been so mortified.

“This has never, ever, ever happened to me,” said Belcher.

A transgender woman since she was 14, Belcher was at a Giant grocery store in Washington, D.C. Wednesday when she needed to use the restroom. She says when she walked into the women’s room, a female security guard barged in, forced her to leave the restroom, and ultimately, the store.

“She said to me that I’m tired of you guys keep coming in here, using the women’s bathroom.I know you’re a man, you ‘he-she,'” Belcher said. “The officer then grabbed me by my arm, spun me around, grabbed me right behind my back and forcibly pushed me out the Giant.”

The issue is just the latest to stir controversy nationwide after President Obama issued a directive to public schools, saying transgender students must be allowed to use the bathroom they feel most comfortable in.

“I think it is part of our obligation as a society that everybody is treated fairly,” the president said.

The decision has sparked heated dialogue.

“This is an incredible overreach by the Obama administration like none that we have ever seen,” said John Rustin, North Carolina Family Policy Council.

The security guard is now being charged with simple assault — something Belcher hopes sends a strong message.

“It shouldn’t be this way. This has to stop,” she said.


We have now entered the world of the Twilight Zone...a place where men can put on wigs and fake breasts and enter girls restrooms, dressing rooms and locker rooms and if anyone throws them out they can be charged with hate crimes.

Can you understand why America is on shaky ground?  Our foundations are being pounded with sledge hammers on a daily basis.


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