Monday, June 6, 2016

The Most Famous Man in the World Dies

I assume that by now most of my readers know that Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) has died.  He is now on the other side of the veil and his fate is eternally sealed.  It's too late to pray for Cassius.

The national news this morning spent the first 20 minutes talking about what one commentator called him the "Most Famous man in the world."

His daughter said he was constantly doing good deeds so he would have a list to present to god when he died.

Uh-oh....What god is he seeing right now?

We know that Cassius converted to Islam and changed his name to we can know that he was trying to impress I wonder how his good deeds are fairing with Allah today?


We followers of Christ know that good deeds done apart from Jesus Christ are filthy rags when laid before the ONE TRUE GOD.

Some other verses that run through my mind are "What can a man gain if he gets the whole world but loses his eternal soul?

Ali may be called one of the greatest humans on planet earth by the liberal media, but it means nothing for all of eternity.  Jesus doesn't care that CBS Morning News spent 20 minutes giving accolades to this "great man".

So let me ask you this question in closing. If Muhammed Ali had no Saviour on the cross to pay for his sins, no loving Jesus with the nail prints in His hands to receive him on the other side, then where would YOU say he is right now at this very moment?

Is Muhammed Ali in Heaven with the Jesus he rejected, or is he in Hell with the pedophile Muhammed and the moon god Allah?

It’s one or the other.


We can pray that the death of Ali will lead his family and close friends to start to question their own mortality and to ask the question, "Where will I go when I die?"  We can pray that through his death they will find and accept the free gift of salvation offered ONLY through Jesus Christ.

While the world celebrates and remembers this "great man"....I can only think how scared he now is as he joins the rich man Jesus spoke of who is on the wrong side of the eternal chasm...where it will NEVER be possible for Ali to join Jesus.


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