Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Extreme Tribulation Continues in Venezuela

Things are getting quite hopeless and even terrifying in Venezuela.  Today we find that women are lining up to be sterilized at free clinics.

No doubt a society must be in it's final death spiral when women are so hopeless that they NEVER want kids.

CARACAS, Venezuela, August 26, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Scores of Venezuelan women are opting for sterilization as the socialist-run Latin American country teeters on the brink of economic and social collapse, a number of sources report.

“People are so hopeless they would rather render themselves incapable of having children than risk bringing the children into the world. That is a working definition of hell on earth,” pointed out’s Ezra Levant in a report “Now popular in Venezuela? Sterilization day.”  

The Miranda clinic in Caracas is now sterilizing 40 women during its weekly “sterilization day” and has a waiting list of 500, Breitbart reported, describing the situation thus:

Government officials announced that the nation had run its supply of birth control out in July 2015. Venezuela has run out of most medicines — from common painkillers to cancer and HIV drugs — with doctors resorting to using veterinary medications to replace the human supplies where available. Most contraceptives are hard to come by and prohibitively expensive when available on the black market. The result of this lack of contraceptive supplies has been an astronomical increase in the number of teenage pregnancies nationwide.

By all accounts, Venezuela’s situation is deteriorating rapidly, with the country of 30 million wracked by rising violent crime, food shortages so acute that famine is imminent in some areas, rolling blackouts, and hyperinflation in the wake of the collapse of the global oil market.

“Venezuela has been the victim of ‘cultural imperialism,'” stated Steven Mosher, president of the Virginia-based Population Research Institute.

“UN agencies, along with USAID-funded groups, have pushed family planning on the country as the answer to all of its problems. Just as in the U.S., although to a much more serious degree, the country’s economic devastation has resulted in lower marriage rates and a larger number of single parent households.”

“I believe it to be both cynical and cruel for the socialist government, having ruined the economy with its destructive policies, to now turn on its own people in this way,” Mosher told LifeSiteNews in an email.

“What was once the most prosperous country in Latin America is now a basket case, and what is the government’s response: If only you, the people, would stop having children, our economic situation would improve.”  

“You can’t eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor, especially when the poverty is caused by government confiscation of wealth, expropriation of private enterprise, and corrupt and failing state-owned enterprises,” Mosher pointed out.


We already posted about the Venezuelans eating their cats, dogs and birds.  Today we find out that they are going to the zoos and eating zoo animals.  Probably for the best since those animals aren't getting we would rather have them become food for starving people rather then starving them to death.

This is what happens when Socialism takes over a nation....and the poor-uneducated people elect politicians who PROMISE THEM material wealth by taking it from others.

This is exactly what the Democrats have been doing here in America for the past 40 years and why a Socialist named Bernie ran so far in the Democratic primary!

The president of Venezuela was so deluded by Socialist rhetoric that he actually ordered that ALL ELECTRONIC STORES cut their prices immediately by 50%....because he thought the prices had gone too high.  Of course all the electronics stores have now gone out of business because no one can afford to sell products at a loss.

People are now lined up for hours at grocery stores....and the Socialist president has ordered that people can't wait in line anymore because he believes the lines of people are driving the prices up.


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