Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Black Rifles Matter

This is pretty funny.  It seems a guy in Maine painted a sign in his front yard that says BLACK RIFLES MATTER.  That's a fact.

Now, here is the funny part....the Town Manager of this town is saying that some tourists are shortening their vacations to this town because they are OFFENDED by this sign.

A Maine town’s tourism sector has come under fire after some visitors have been complaining about a large, hand-painted sign on a private lawn that reads “Black Rifles Matter.”

Linc Sample, the sign’s creator, told NECN on Monday that his work in Boothbay Harbor is about gun rights, not race. He was inspired to post the sign after reading an ad in the local paper that supported a ban on assault weapons.

"That's really a trigger for me — the assault weapons ban," Sample told NECN.

Sample said he used “Black Rifles Matter” – a plan on “Black Lives Matter” – to make an impact. He said if anything, the Black Lives Matter movement should be “flattered” he used the phrase.

Boothbay Region Chamber of Commerce Director Rick Prose said that they’ve received a few complaints from visitors.

"Some of these people have cut their vacation short and left early," Town Manager Thomas Woodin said.

Boothbay Harbor officials said Sample has the proper permitting and is exercising his First Amendment rights, despite some calling for the sign’s removal.

"People are ignorant. They shouldn't be putting things out like that," Paul Mayor, who was visiting Maine from Connecticut, told the station. "It's taking a shot obviously at Black Lives Matter."

Another tourist, Jeremy Plasse believes that the town is doing the right thing by leaving the sign up.

"Massachusetts has a ban right now, and I think they should lift it,” he added.

Sample said he usually changes the sign and will soon replace the Black Rifles Matter sign that has drawn some scrutiny.

Here;  http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/09/13/black-rifles-matter-sign-draws-complaints-from-tourists-in-maine-town.html

People are turning into such babies!  They get offended at absolutely everything!

What if I say that I'm offended by Black Lives Matter and their stupid claims of being VICTIMS because why??  Because their great, great, great grandfather, whom they don't even know his name, was brought to this country as a slave?

There!  I said it!!  I'm offended by BLACK LIVES MATTER and I want them to take down their signs, booths and traffic-blocking protests!!

The black community in America is about 15% of the population but yet blacks are responsible for over 50% of the crime!  The reason their is a proportionally larger amount of blacks incarcerated is....wait for it.....BECAUSE THEY COMMIT PROPORTIONALLY MORE CRIME!!!

I wonder if this same Town Manager from Maine would dare to admit if IF Black Lives Matter protests were actually found to hurt tourism??


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