Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Spread of Witchcraft, Wicca and Satanism in USA

No real surprise here!  As American kicks the God of the Bible out of its house....Satan always comes rushing in to fill the void.
Witchcraft and Satanism (devil worship) in America are growing by leaps and bounds. No longer are their highly secret activities being kept in-the-closet. Today s witches are no longer at risk of getting burned at the stake, but rather honored and revered.

They are increasingly being accepted as spiritual experts who meet the needs of clients inclined to embrace, and tap into, their extensive access to supernatural spirit powers and hidden knowledge. 

Wicca - the key umbrella organization for formalized Witchcraft and New Age practice in general - has finally come out of the shadows.

Qiling Wang in a recent article for gave an account of how Wicca has been growing in Texas, and beyond. Wang narrated a description of your typical Wicca adherent or 'Wiccan': Mary Caldwell. She has spiky pink hair, tattooed arms, and works in customer service for a software company. She's also the leader of a Wicca gathering that meets every other Monday at Monkey Nest Coffee on Burnet Road.

On a recent Monday evening, she led the group in a discussion of numerology - the belief that numbers have mystical meanings - as well as rituals and personal experiences with spirits. 

Recently, some members of the group had visited a local cemetery to commune with spirits. "Some of the people in the group just see them, some just hear them and some of them just smell them," said Caldwell, 44,  "It was great fun."

Both she and her husband, Joe, are third-degree Gardnerians, meaning they are serious students of Wiccan theology and have the ability to lead a coven. With Wiccan signs hanging on her office wall, she said her coworkers know and accept the fact that she's Wiccan. "It's funny, because I've got people who are devoted Catholics coming to me and saying, 'I've got a problem, and can you do a spell for me?' " she said.

"We believe that everything is part of the One," said Ed Fitch, 80, a Wiccan senior high priest and a member of Caldwell's meet-up group, one of several Wiccan or witches' groups in Austin. "Everything in the universe is linked to everything else in the universe."

According to sources such as Wikipedia, Wicca is a modern version of ancient pagan religions, created in England and brought to the United States in the 1960s. 

Its followers worship a goddess and a god, honor the Earth and practice ritual magic. They reportedly follow the Wiccan Rede, a statement of principles that stresses the importance of doing no harm.

Because Wicca is a highly decentralized religion with no central authority, it's hard to get a tally of its members. The American Religious Identification Survey, which periodically surveys 50,000 Americans, said the number of self-identified Wiccans increased to 342,000 in 2008, up from 134,000 in 2001. The 2008 figures are the most recent available.

Friends, I know we are supposed to pray for revival in this country, I know we are supposed to pray for an end to abortion, and end to intense perversion, an end to godlessness and that a healthy FEAR OF THE LORD would come rushing back into America.....but do you think maybe we have gone past the POINT OF NO RETURN?  Do you think we have reached that spot in Romans 1 when God says, "You really want disaster and perversion?....then here you are!!....gorge yourselves on it!"


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