Friday, September 9, 2016

The Rise of the "Nones"

What happens when Pew Research walks up to American's on the street and says, "What religious affiliation are you?"

What do you think the biggest answer is?  Catholic?  Lutheran?  Methodist?


Sadly, a large percentage of Americans now say, "None".

An important new survey by Pew Research asks why people who were raised in religious homes but who now identify as religious "nones" - having no religious affiliation - decided to leave the faith of their childhood.

The results were varied, but according to the survey, "Half of 'nones' left childhood faith over lack of belief, one-in-five cite[d] dislike of organized religion."

Of this half (more exactly, 49 percent) of "nones" who say they no longer believe, many "mention 'science' as the reason they do not believe in religious teachings" while others "reference 'common sense,' 'logic' or a 'lack of evidence' - or simply say they do not believe in God."

Of the 20 percent who cite their dislike of organized religion are "some who do not like the hierarchical nature of religious groups, several people who think religion is too much like a business and others who mention clergy sexual abuse scandals as reasons for their stance."

This chart summarizes the survey's results:



The Bible warns us that as the Last Days come upon us, more and more people would fall away from the faith.  Some would call it the great apostasy.

We don't know if this is the great apostasy that the Bible speaks of....but we do know that rejecting God and giving Him no thanks and no praise on no Sabbath can't last for long.

Matthew 24
10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 


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