Thursday, September 15, 2016

Updated News on the "God Particle"

Bible readers know that Jesus created all that we humans can see, smell, taste, hear and feel.  We also know that it is the power of Jesus that holds it all together.  Otherwise life, as we know it, would not be possible on planet earth.

But scientists are also curious as to HOW and WHY the universe can stay together.  Gravity simply doesn't work as the only explanation.  So they have come up with something that the scientists have labeled "The God Particle".

Today we find an update in the news on this "God particle".

Nearly a mile under the Black Hills of South Dakota sits a canister of the atomic element xenon, chilled cold enough to turn it to liquid. The canister is the Large Underground Xenon, or LUX, detector -- the most sensitive dark matter detector in the world. But the results of a new analysis by the LUX Collaboration has left scientists perplexed about a substance that has guided the formation of the stars and galaxies since the cosmos began: dark matter.

Since the 1930s, scientists have known that there was something unexplained about the heavens. Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky studied the Coma Cluster, a group of about a thousand galaxies, held together by their mutual gravitational interactions. There was only one problem: The galaxies were moving so fast that gravity shouldn't have been able to hold them together. The cluster should have been ripped apart. In the 1970s, astronomers Vera Rubin and her collaborator Kenneth Ford studied the rotation rates of individual galaxies and came to the same conclusion. There appeared to be no way the observed matter contained in galaxies would generate enough gravity to keep the stars locked in their stately orbits.

These observations, combined with many other independent lines of evidence, led scientists to consider several possible explanations. These explanations included the possibility that Newton's familiar laws of motion might be wrong, or that our understanding of gravity needed to be modified. Both these proposals, though, have been largely ruled out.

Another idea was that there was somehow invisible matter that was generating more gravity. Initial ideas centered on the possibility of black holes, brown dwarf stars or rogue planets roaming the cosmos, but those explanations have also been dismissed. Using a ruthless process of elimination worthy of Sherlock Holmes, astronomers have come to believe the explanation for all of the gravitational anomalies is that there must be some sort of new and undiscovered type of matter in the universe, which Zwicky in 1933 named "dunkle materie," or dark matter.

For decades, scientists have tried to work out the properties of dark matter and, while we don't know everything, we know a lot. From astronomical observations, we know there is five times more dark matter in the universe than all the "billions and billions" of stars and galaxies mentioned in Carl Sagan's oft-quoted phrase. We also know that dark matter cannot have electrical charge, otherwise it would interact with light and we would have seen it. In fact, by a process of elimination, we know that dark matter is not any known form of matter. It is something new. Of this, scientists are sure.

Nobody knows what the final answer will be. That's why we do research. But there is no question that there is a mystery in the cosmos. Galaxies don't act as we expect. The LUX measurement is a powerful new bit of information for astronomers to consider and has added to the general confusion, forcing scientists to take another look at ideas other than WIMPs.

All this reminds me of the old Buffalo Springfield song: "There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear ..."


You see friends, there is a simple answer for what is going on here.  Scientists BEGIN with the premise that there is no God and that EVERYTHING was created by NOBODY and they just get more and more confused.  Their thinking becomes futile.

Bible believers KNOW that everything STARTS and ENDS with God....a power that is so beyond our human ability to understand that we will never even begin to grasp it.

Think about it this way;  If you started today and spent 8 hours per day for the next 15 years, would you EVER be able to explain electricity to your dog?  Nope!

In the same way, our finite minds will NEVER be able to understand HOW God made the foundations of the earth and hung it on nothing!  We can test, experiment, push, prod and measure but we will NEVER understand the glory and power of God Almighty.

That's WHY He alone is worthy of our worship!


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