Wednesday, October 19, 2016

North Korea Threatens Preemptive Nuke Attack

Do you remember when Pres. Obama told us 8 years ago that he has going to change the tone of the discussion around the world?  Do you remember when he said that if the other nations would un- clench their fists that we would we would extend our hands?

Now 8 years later, the world stage is downright disastrous, due in some part to Obama's failed world view.

The Philippines now hate us, Russia is preparing for full out war with us, the Middle East has descended into destruction and they all distrust us more than ever, Iran daily threatens our Navy ships on the open sea, China is preparing for war with us and North Korea just threatened to nuke us.

PYONGYANG, North Korea — North Korea has warned that it may carry out further nuclear tests and says it is prepared to launch a preemptive strike on the United States if U.S. nuclear forces mobilize against it.

"The U.S. has nuclear weapons off our coast, targeting our country, our capital and our Dear Leader, Kim Jong Un," a top North Korean official, Lee Yong Pil, said in an exclusive interview with NBC News.

"We will not step back as long as there's a nuclear threat to us from the United States," added Lee, who is director of the Foreign Ministry's Institute for American Studies.

"A preemptive nuclear strike is not something the U.S. has a monopoly on," he said. "If we see that the U.S. would do it to us, we would do it first. ... We have the technology."

Such threats have been a staple of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un since he took power after his father's death in 2011. U.S. officials do not believe Pyongyang possesses weapons able to reach the continental United States.

Lee also warned that North Korea may carry out "a sixth, a seventh or an eighth" nuclear test.

Putting the world on notice of another nuclear test would anger the international community, most of which is already considering further sanctions against the reclusive nation for its activity so far.

Lee said neither sanctions from the United Nations nor U.S. pressure would stop North Korea's building its arsenal.

"We have to have nuclear weapons to protect our country, and it's our policy to go nuclear," he added.

Many folks believe that Obama purposely had planned all along to weaken the USA and put us on a more even par with the other the other nations would feel better about themselves and America would have to work harder to build coalitions rather than just making unilateral decisions.

I wouldn't disagree.

Here's the problem with a weak USA;  every lunatic and despot come rushing in to fill the void left in the power vacuum.  The reason that the world was peaceful when Rome ruled the world is referred to as PAX ROMANA, because Rome crushed anyone who refused to follow their rules.  The last 70 years has avoided WWIII because of PAX AMERICANA.

But have you noticed recently that many headlines openly discuss WWIII?  It's as if the world KNOWS WWIII is inevitable....they just don't know exactly when or how it will all start.

It is our blessed hope that Jesus will come sooner than later and call His bride into the clouds where we will be with him forever....and that we followers of Christ will be sitting out WWIII.


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