Monday, December 19, 2016

Truck Plows Into Christmas Market in Berlin

Last week we posted on a 12 year old boy who tried to blow up a Christmas market in Germany....

Today we read that a truck plowed into a crowd at the Christmas market in Berlin and killed 9 and injured 50.

Do you want to take a wild guess what his motivation might have been?
A)  Mad about "false" sales at the market
B)  Upset that his eggnog was sour
C)  Super mad that German AARP had revoked his drivers license
D)  A Muslim extremist trying to kill infidels in the name of Allah

A truck plowed through a Christmas market in Germany's capital on Monday evening, killing at least nine and injuring 50, a spokesman for the Berlin police said.

The incident happened at Breitscheidplatz, a public square in the center of Berlin. The driver's nationality wasn't known, but police said his truck appeared to have Polish license plates.

The driver attempted to flee but was apprehended by police, they added.

A passenger in the truck was among those killed, police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf said on German TV. The passenger died at the scene, Berlin police said in a post on Twitter. It immediately wasn't clear how the passenger died, or the relationship to the driver.

It wasn't clear whether the truck veered into the holiday crowds on purpose or by accident. But local German media cited police who said initial indications pointed to an attack, not a traffic accident. NBC News could not immediately confirm those reports.

Berlin police said on Twitter that the motives of the attack were so far unclear and a criminal investigation team was onsite.

Witnesses said victims were crushed by the truck.


Remember of yet WE DON'T KNOW who was driving the may very well turn out to be A, B or C.....but we are going to take a wild guess and say D.


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