Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Campus Prevents Conservatives Because Liberals Won't Feel Safe

It's interesting to me that the liberals are all screaming their warnings that Donald Trump is following the patterns that Hitler did in his rise to power. 

But do they also understand that bullying and restricting free speech was also a playbook used by the Nazi's?

As we are seeing time and time again, college campuses are restricting free speech.  The Berkeley riots were started because a openly gay man wanted to speak on campus.  Ordinarily, a gay man would be celebrated and welcomed to speak on any campus....but because this gay supported Trump....he was banned.

Today we read an article describing a University that won't allow a conservative group to form on campus because it would make some students feel 'unsafe'.

According to the Daily Caller, Santa Clara University student senate has turned down a petition for the formation of a Turning Point USA chapter at their college, and all because leftist students and faculty said the formation of such a group would make them feel “unsafe.”

During a meeting of the Associated Student Government, a group of 50 students and school employees took up an hour to explain why such a group should not exist on their campus right after a lengthy powerpoint presentation that attempted to tie Turning Point USA to white supremacist groups.

“It was a lot of repetitive stuff,” Caleb Alleva, one of the Turning Points USA petitioners, told The Daily Caller.

Opponents of the group insisted that a group promoting free trade and limited government on campus would make them feel “unsafe,” Alleva told TheDC.
“They were saying they were in danger but they couldn’t cite any facts,” the junior explained.

“A lot of them are lying about being afraid or they are genuinely in fear because of this false sense of danger promulgated by the media that anyone who is vaguely conservative is a Nazi or a white supremacist,” Alleva said.
According to student senator David Warne, the plan to have Turning Point USA rejected from the campus appeared to revolve around making the group appear to be a white supremacist group, linking them to the likes of Richard Spencer, the alt-right, and Project Evropa, all popular names in the white supremacy movement.

I have no doubt that USA is in trouble.  A nation divided this severely isn't healthy. 

Remember to pray for Team Trump!


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