Monday, February 6, 2017

Is Team Trump Hostile to Islam?

Time Magazine probably doesn't have any reporters or staff who voted for Donald Trump.  So we expect it to lean towards liberals in all their articles.  That's not a surprise.

Last week they did an article about how Trump's travel ban was dividing the Middle East between the 7 nations who are on the list and the Muslim majority nations who aren't on the list.

I will let you read all the article by attaching a link below.

But here are a few specific paragraphs that caught my eye.

There are fears the order will set the tone of the White House's approach to the Muslim world over the next four years. Certainly, there's a history of hostility to Islam; Stephen Bannon, the White House’s influential chief strategist, has in the past called Islam a “dark” religion. National security advisor Michael Flynn once said that fear of Muslims is “rational.”

“I think it reflects a deeply-held dislike of Islam among Trump and his top advisors. And I think the evidence for that interpretation is now overwhelming,” says Shadi Hamid, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington. “We know what people like Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn have said explicitly about, not just disliking extremism or Islamism, but Islam as a religion, and seeing Islam as a civilizational and ideological threat.”

See Time Article here;

So wait a second.....could Islam actually be a civilizational and ideological threat?

What if it is but no one is allowed to say it or point out the facts surrounding it?....because they may be ridiculed and/or persecuted by leftists even for asking a question?

NOW PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO called The Third Jihad.  It is extremely well done and is written and narrated by a Muslim who is a doctor in Arizona.  He loves USA and is appalled that his fellow Muslims refuse to stand up against Islamic extremism and Islamic terrorism.  He wants NOTHING to do with shariah law and believes in secular law.

According to Pew and him, many, many Muslims around the world, together with those who are already in America, actually want Islam to dominate America.

So isn't it, in fact, possible that Islam actually IS A THREAT to Western Civilization?

Watch video here;

This video was actually made about 7 years ago.....and it would seem that rather than serving the purpose of waking America up to radical Islam.....we seem to be even more asleep to the threat than we were 7 years ago.


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